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TÜV-approved for Safety integrity level 3

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MIS34 w/STO, TÜV-approved

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MAC4500 - integrated servo motor for larger power ratings

All with built-in mains power supply, 3x400/480 VAC. RMS power 4500 W. Now with new high efficient servo motor with continuous 15Nm and up to 13Kw peak power. The motor is equipped with M23 connector for harsh industrial use up to IP67 protection. Controller, PLC, encoder, power supply and bus system are integrated in one unit. Optional industrial Ethernet, fieldbus, IP protection class, abs. multiturn encoder, brake and much more.

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New MIS17

ServoStep NEMA17 integrated stepper motor with closed-loop and Industrial Ethernet

JVL's brand new NEMA17 stepper motor offers all Ethernet protocols, absolute multiturn encoder, ultra-fine speed resolution of ± 0,01 RPM and closed-loop speed up to 3000 RPM and torque from 0,36 to 0,80 Nm.

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Hollow Rotary Actuators HLMT

Our new series of Hollow Rotary Actuators, HLMT, offer the easiest possible installation of rotary table applications.

Choose between servo and stepper motors - with or without built-in (absolute) encoders.

No need for space in your electrical cabinet: Drive and control electronics are built-in!

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MAC1200 - integrated servo motor for medium power ratings

All with built-in mains power supply, 115/230 VAC up to RMS power 1200 W. The MAC motor® series consists of compact and efficient motors where controller, PLC, encoder, power supply and bus system are integrated in one unit. Optional industrial Ethernet, fieldbus, IP protection class, abs. multiturn encoder, brake and much more.

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MAB17 - Electronic brake for all NEMA17 motors.

The electronic brake is designed to be mounted on step- and servo motors with NEMA17 flange 42x42 mm. A high quality 24 VDC electro-magnetic spring brake is mounted inside the housing. The brake use hub connection to brake disc so it can be mounted on motors with axial play. Holding torque is 0.4 Nm - 0.7 Nm.

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MacTalk® - The universal software from JVL for all integrated motors.

MacTalk® is used for setup, monitoring and diagnostics in real time - and for ePLC program development, where the PLC program is embedded and runs locally in the motor. Although advanced functionality is included, all operations are very intuitive and easy to use. MacTalk® allows you to adjust all vital parameters and save them in a file or load them from a file, including any ePLC program.

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Add on Instruction

Add on instruction for Rockwell control LogixPLC

JVL has proudly been appointed Rockwell Encompass Partner in Europe for integrated stepper and servo motors. JVL and Rockwell have together developed AOI so JVL commissioning software MacTalk is not needed anymore. Now it can be done directly from Rockwell Studio 5000 software.

Find AOI here

MIS34 w/UL

UL certificate for integrated stepper motors NEMA34

The JVL series MIS340-343 is now recognized with the prestigious UL certificate of compliance effective in both the US and Canada.

The series offers an abundance of options including closed-loop, Safe Torque Off (STO), Industrial Ethernet, absolute multiturn encoder, up to IP67 protection, double shaft, hollow shaft and built-in brake.

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NEMA17 Linear stepper motor with built-in controller

JVL now manufactures integrated stepper motors NEMA17/23/34 with ball screw, lead screw and captive. Therefore the price is reduced and the construction becomes more compact. The potential errors are reduced as coupling and other mechanical components are no longer needed. PLC, 8IO, RS485 and optional Ethernet is integrated.

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MIS23 w/brake and double shaft

ServoStep NEMA23 integrated stepper motor with closed-loop - now available with brake and double shaft

JVL's new NEMA23 motor with closed-loop and TÜV-approved STO offers servo speed up to 3000 RPM and torque up to 3,1 Nm

The motor now comes with rear-end mounted brake as an integrated part of the motor as well as double shaft.

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Stepper Motor Controller SMC66 with Housing

Our newest stepper controller/driver SMC66 provides all the features from our well-tested SMC85, only now in a smaller more affordable package and a RMS motor current of 0-6 Amp.

All Ethernet protocols are available, as is the built-in ePLC, 8 configurable I/Os, CANOpen, Pulse/Direction mode and much more.


  • STO - Dual channel Safe Torque Off
  • IP65 grade protection
  • Separate encoder input
  • MacTalk, the same easy-to-use software as for all JVL products

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SERCOS Ethernet

SERCOS for MAC and MIS motors has all the important features from the specification. Automatic recognition of drives is supported by the FSPDrive and the Sercos Drive profiles.

Synchronization is supported enabling simultaneous operation of up to 511 motors. Hot plugging and redundancy is possible for exchanging motors without power off. Probe/capture is supported enabling use in packaging machines.

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ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 certification

For those who did not notice it, JVL was ISO 9001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritas in July 2017. Since then we have been engaged in CEI - Constant Eternal Improvement. The scope of the certification includes development, manufacturing, sales and after sales services of:

  • Integrated Servo Motors
  • Integrated Stepper Motors
  • Electronic Motor Controllers
  • Servo Motors
  • Stepper Motors
  • Accessories

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EtherCAT Ethernet with CiA402 Drive profile for MAC motor and ServoStep

Our EtherCAT implementation supports synchronized position (CSP) and synchronized velocity (CSV) modes as well as the old modes profile position, profile velocity and many homing methods.

The JVL EtherCAT equipped motors are plug and play compatible with Beckhoff PLC's, and also compatible with other manufacturers of EtherCAT masters such as Omron, Lenze, Trio and others.

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New MIS23

ServoStep NEMA23 integrated stepper motor with closed-loop and industrial Ethernet

JVL's new NEMA23 motor with Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink, MODBUS TCP/IP and SercosIII offers servo speed up to 3000 RPM and torque up to 3,1 Nm

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MST with Encoder

High-torque stepper motors with built-in encoders and high IP protection

Stepper motors with built-in incremental encoder or optional absolute multiturn encoder in different pulse resolutions and IP42/IP67 protection. NEMA08 to NEMA34 with torque from 0,01 to 3,1 Nm.

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New innovative closed-loop technology for integrated stepper motors

JVL's motors now come with closed-loop regulation.

  • 100% automatic setup
  • Energy saving
  • Stall-free operation
  • Torque control mode
  • Higher acceleration & speed
  • Factory loaded linearization
  • No losing of steps

See how it works in these two short videos:
Video. Closed-loop rotation.
Video. Closed-loop linear movement.

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With more than 25 years of experience JVL is the market leader within integrated servo and stepper motors.

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