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MAB17 - NEMA17 Brake

Electronic brake for all NEMA17 motors.
The electronic brake is designed to be mounted on step- and servo motors with NEMA17 flange 42x42mm. Brake itself have NEMA17 mounting dimension but flange size is 46x46mm. Brake can be mounted directly on stepper motor from JVL MST17x and also JVL integrated stepper motor MIS171, MIS173, MIS176 with 5, 6.35 and 8mm shaft. Brake can also be used on any other brand motor that use NEMA17 standard and have 5 , 6,35 and 8mm shaft. Output shaft can be 5 or 8mm. Shaft collars ring with 1 screw is used to tighten brake on motor shaft.
A high quality 24VDC electro-magnetic brake is mounted inside the housing. The brake use hub connection to brake disc so it can be mounted on motors with axial play. Holding torque is 0,5Nm. Brake has very low backlash under 1 degree.
The brake is used when it is desired to hold the motor shaft fixed at power off, or when the motor is used in a vertical linear application. When 24 VDC is connected, the brake will be deactivated and the motor can turn freely. It is only recommended to use the brake only as a holding brake and not as an emergency brake.
All brake are equipped with M8 4 pin male connector for 24V control voltage.


Brake part number Brake Input shaft Output shaft Protection grade Weight Length Photo
MAB17M-.50NX2F35 8 mm round 8 mm with key IP42 0.39 Kg 53 mm
MAB17M-.50NX2FX4 8 mm round 8 mm with key IP65 0.39 Kg 53 mm
MAB17M-.50N01F35 6.35 mm round 8 mm with key IP42 0.39 Kg 53 mm
MAB17M-.50N01F16 6.35 mm round 5 mm round IP42
0.39 Kg 53 mm
MAB17M-.50N16F35 5 mm round 8 mm with key IP42
0.39 Kg 53 mm
Cable for MAB17X WI1000-M8F4A05N. M8 4 pin male I mounted in brake. Pin 1 0V, Pin 2 24VDC, Pin 3 and 4 NC.
Holding torque Nm >=0,5
Backlash degree <1
Radial load Fr (N) 300
Axial load Fa1 (N)
Axial load Fa2 (N)

Accessories Part number Photo
Sleeve 5.0 to 8.0 mm HSHS17G08M-M05M
Sleeve 6.35 to 8.0 mm HSHS17G08M-M06J
Sleeve 5.0 to 6.35 mm HSHS17G06J-M05M
Shaft sealing IP65 Pending
O-ring between brake and motor Pending
Cable M8 female angle 5m. Pin 1:blue , Pin 2 Brown WI1000-M8F4A05N




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