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We offer a wide range of motion control products as can be seen below. The range includes integrated servo and stepper motors, HMIs, different types of gear reducers, encoders, discrete servo and stepper motors and controllers, linear motors, ball screw & tooth belt driven actuators — and much more.

They are all of a modern, although well-proven design and have shown their capabilities in thousands of applications. All of these units are normally in stock or can be delivered with a short notice.
Wide range of integrated servomotors from JVL-Denmark
Integrated MAC Servo motors
integrated mini stepper motor series from danish JVL
Integrated ServoStep Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors Linear Actuator from market leader JVL
Integrated Stepper Motors Linear Actuator
Driver & controllers for integrated stepper motors from JVL
Stepper Motor Drivers
Stepper motor controllers
Stepper Motor Controllers
Stepper motor with incremental or absolute multiturn encoder
Stepper motor with incremental or absolute multiturn encoder
Integral servo motor from market leader JVL
Stepper Motors
Stepper Motors Linear Actuator from market leader JVL
Non-integrated Stepper Motors Linear Actuator
Junction Boxes - WI1301 and WI1302 for MAC and MIS

2 junctions boxes to help connceting external sensors to either MAC or MIS motors in flange size 17(43mm) to 43 (110mm)
  • WI1301 for MAC ( Isolated Digital IO's possible w. ext. PSU )
  • WI1302 for MAC and MIS
Use of the Internet is 100% integrated in the MAC concept
Easy to update your version of MacTalk or the FirmWare
Touch Operator Panels
MAC motor from JVL for your next motion control task
Planetary, Robot and Worm Gears
The MAC motor controller of course works 100% digitally
Electronic motor Brake for NEMA23 (57mm) and NEMA34 (86mm)

HLMT - Hollow Rotary Actuator / Hollow Rotary Table
The JVL brushless smart servo motors is unique
The stepper motor concept, ServoStep in many versions
Power Supplies
JVL`s development of integrated AC servo & stepper motors
Connection cables
Merchandise and demo units

Classical Products
JVL is the leader in integrated stepper & servo motors If you do not find what you are looking for above, have a closer look here. These products are all also of a wellproven design, and have shown their their qualities through very many applications in industry. Delivery time may be a little longer than with those above.
Supplementary Products
Highly innovative and ultra compact smartmotor units from JVL Here you find quality products from leading manufacturers from all over the world. JVL A/S represents these companies in Denmark and markets their products within the field of motion control as a supplements to our own products. In this way we can offer our customers complete motion control systems where we deliver all the necessary parts.

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