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Integrated Stepper Motor and Controllers with CANbus

CAN Open slave interface with baudrate up to 1Mbit. All registers of the MIS motor can be read and written to. The module has M12 connectors for use in harsh environments and BUS IN and BUS OUT for easy implementation of bus systems. Dynamics mapping where single bit, 16/32 bit can be combined for fast and efficient bus communication.

MIS Motor range MIS17/23/34/43 and Stepper Motor Controller SMC66/85 have now a completely new firmware update where sync, interpolated position and DSP402 is supported.
Integrated Stepper Motor
MIS171 to MIS176
  • DS301
  • DSP402 supported from firmware 5.03
  • All motor functions available in CANopen through gateway objects
  • Read and write access to all 512 motor registers
  • Optimized default PDO mapping
  • Up to 24 programmable TX PDO
  • Up to 24 programmable RX PDO
  • >= 5Khz asynchronous PDO update with default mapping
  • >= 2 ms. interpolation synchronization
  • Unit conversion for Position, Velocity and acceleration.
  • EDS Electronic data sheet
  • Heartbeat / Node guarding
  • Sync support
  • Profile position mode,
  • Profile Velocity mode,
  • Homing mode,
  • Profile Torque (Emulated torque)
  • Interpolated position mode.
  • Cyclic sync position mode
  • Cyclic sync velocity mode
  • Cyclic sync torque mode (Emulated torque)
  • Selectable data rate up to 1 Mbit
  • Monitoring and debugging features with MacTalk
  • CANopen over MacTalk Easy configuration from PLC through JVL CANexplorer
  • LSS setup of Slave ID
  • LSS setup of Baud rate
  • Programmable error response.
  • TwinCAT 3 compatible. Twincat 3 sample project.
  • Step by step Twincat 3 setup guide
  • Non CAN standard Master-slave follow motor where up to 30 motors can run synchronized”
  • Non CAN standard partly master implemented. Please contact JVL for further information”
MIS231Q to MIS234T
MIS340 to MIS343
MIS430 to MIS432
Stepper Motor Controller
SMC66 0-6 Amp
More info
Matching motors
SMC85 0-9 Amp
More info
Matching motors

The MIS motor range MIS17/23/34/43 and Stepper Motor Controller SMC66/85 now have a completely new firmware update including DSP402 where sync, interpolated position mode is supported. JVL now supports master-slave synchronization without external PLC. The new feature will let you quickly set up applications like lifting a load in 4 corners. MacTalk is used to program the master motor. You can connect up to 29 slaves. The master automatically finds the slaves on the bus, and the master automatically. configures them. A primary benefit is the speedy setup time. For easy control, a JVL HMI can be added to the master motor. The new Master-slave feature is supported by all MIS Integrated ServoStep motors with CANopen.

  • All motor functions available in CANopen through DS301 gateway objects
  • Easy configuration and test of SDO and PDO from PC through JVL CANexplorer.
  • DSP402 with Profile Position Mode, Velocity Mode, Homing Mode, and Interpolated Position Mode.
  • Non CAN standard Master-slave follow motor where up to 30 motors can run synchronized
  • TwinCAT 3 compatible
  • Synchronized velocity mode
  • Synchronized Position mode
  • Synchronized homing.
  • Slave monitoring
  • Speed correction for closed loop motors
  • Up to 29 slaves
  • Sync interval 10 mS
  • Under development sync interval 2 mS with max 8 slaves
How it works:
Each slave has a threshold for allowable following error before overspeed. When following error for that slave exceed the threshold, the slave will speed up to catch up to the network.
The master receives the following error for each slave. If the slave with the largest following error exceeds the master threshold, the master slows down the entire network. The slave with the following error exceeding its own threshold is still running overspeed to catch up.
If the masters following error exceed the overspeed threshold, the master only will speed up to catch up.
If a slave’s following error exceeds the maximum allowable following error, the slave stops with a following error fault, and the master distribute the stop to the network.
What to order as example. Motor with lower and higher torque and absolute mulitiurn encoder available:
Part number
Nema17 0.8 Nm

Nema23 1.97 Nm

Nema34 3.0 Nm

M12 Shl Cable 5 m 5 pin Fem 0°, Power

M12 0.3 m 5p Male/Male 0° CAN Twisted pair

M12 5 m 5p Male/Male 0° CAN Twisted pair

M12 Shl Cable 5 m 17p Mal 0° MIS34x,Ex41 twisted


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