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Free and Trial Programs

Description Filename Size
MacRegIO program. Can be used for direct communcation with MAC and MIS motors. SMC85 update 5/9-17 476Kb
MacComm OCX - MAX 32-bit supported
MacComm OCX 1.07 Trial. Can be used as a communication layer between your application and MAC motor(s). (30 day trial) MacComm OCX 1.07 1241Kb
CANOpenExplorer - Work with Windows XP or before
CANopenExplorer version 2.2. is a program that was developed for internal use only, but the program has features that are nice to have, and make it more easy to start up the MAC motor when this is equipped with a MAC00-FC2/4 module, or when the SMC75 is running with CANopen fieldbus interface communication. The program can write/send SDOs, PDOs and heartbeat messages, and can read EDS files.
The EDS files for MAC00-FC2/4 and the SMC75 can be downloa-
ded from the Fieldbus Interface Specification Files menu. To learn more about CANopenExplorer, see section 4.3.16 in the user manual for MAC050-141 and MAC800, or see in the user manual for Quick Step Integrated Stepper motors.
When the program is being downloaded, it must be saved on the PC, and the user has to make a CANopenExplorer directory to the program.

This program works fine using up to Windows XP but
is not working with WIN-7 or higher.
For WIN-7 or higher, please use a Windows XPemulator:
CANopenExplorer V2.2 416Kb
MacTalk : Setup and monitor program for the MAC and MIS motors.
Please notice that this is not a free ware program. Please contact your nearest JVL representative for further information.
Notice for owners of MacTalk: MacTalk can be updated to the newest version from the MacTalk program.
Scope (Improved) for MAC400-3000
Scope. This new scope has a much higher performance than the version in MacTalk..
New Scope 704 kb
MotoWare : Setup and monitor program for the AMC, SMC and SMI controllers.
Please notice that this is not a free ware program. Please contact your nearest JVL representative for further information.
USB-driver for MAC00-B41
Window 7, Vista and XP USB-driver for MAC00-B41. Normally Windows 7 will install a driver automatically which works fine - but it might need a reboot. In case it does not work automatically, the following driver installation file can be used. It has been tested on Windows 7, 32-bit & 64-bit, and works.
USB-driver-for-B41 8.3 Mb
RS232-USB1.1 USB-driver for Windows 7, 8 and 10. This driver is needed for the USB to RS232 converter if you are using Windows 7.
USB-driver 94 Kb
Driver ATC-820 USB to RS-485 2.300Mb

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