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NEMA17 and 23 stepper with ball screw piston captive rod actuator up to 2200N peak

PRESS release: April 2024
Birkerød, Denmark - Introducing the latest innovation from JVL A/S, a global leader in integrated servo and stepper motors – the ServoStep™ motors line welcomes a groundbreaking addition: the Piston Captive Style Actuator, also known as the Electric Linear Rod Actuator. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this new actuator boasts a built-in high-quality ball screw and a non-rotating guide, ensuring extended operational lifespan. Unlike traditional setups, the ball screw is seamlessly integrated into the motor shaft, offering an exceptionally compact solution and a shorter actuator length.
Linear stepper motors can reduce cost and save space. There is no coupling, no additional bearing support and no assembly work required. It does not only reduce the cost and length but also reduces the failure rate due to fewer components and a simpler construction.
In applications with small radial load ratings a linear guide is not required. The special design and use of ball screw and low friction guide enables long life operation, increased efficiency, or reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Stroke from 12.7 to 127 mm. (custom lengths available)
  • Rolled Ball screw lead 1, 2 or 4 mm/rev with C7 accuracy grade
  • Linear speeds up to 200 mm/sec
  • Precision accuracy 0.05 mm
  • Non-rotating piston end
  • Motor with double row ball bearing for high axial load and minimal axial play
  • Optional epoxy paint coating for IP65/67 protection
  • Option for a rear-end brake
  • Option for ball linear bearing for high radial load
  • Choice of precision ball screw accuracy grader including C0 to C5
  • Flexibility to select customer specific ball screw brand
Size [mm]
Force typical [N]
Force max [N]
Lifetime @ 20 N vertical
Lifetime @ 200 N vertical
Max velocity [mm/s] with 3000 RMP
NEMA17 42x42 mm
Ø8 pitch 2.5 mm
1.331.000.000.000 rev.
3.327.500 km
1.331.000.000 rev.
3.327 km
NEMA23 57x57 mm
Ø8 pitch 2 mm
200 1323 289.460.000.000 rev.
578.921 km
289.460.000 rev.
579 km
Various Configurations Available
Discover unparalleled performance and versatility across various configurations. ServoStep™ actuators are available in NEMA17 and NEMA23 sizes, with plastic nuts offering leads from 0.635 to 25.4 mm/rev and forces up to 2500 N. Additionally, NEMA34 variants are offered with lead screw pitches ranging from 2.54 to 25.4 mm and ball screw pitches of 2 or 5 mm/rev, providing forces of up to 4000 N. Alternatively, NEMA34 models feature lead screws with plastic nuts and pitches ranging from 2.54 mm to 25.4 mm, delivering forces of up to 3000 N.
Superior Speed and position Control
The onboard stepper motor controller boasts a market-leading resolution of 409600 counts/revolution, ensuring smooth motor operation at any speed, in increments of 0.01 RPM. Furthermore, all ServoStep™ motors can operate at speeds of up to 3000 RPM with high efficiency due to optimized current regulation.
All-in-one unit
ServoStep™ motors come fully integrated with motor, encoder, drive electronics, control electronics featuring ePLC™, and optional Ethernet or CAN bus, all packed into one compact unit. They support all major industrial Ethernet protocols, including Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, SERCOS, ModbusTCP/UDP, and Powerlink. Options also include absolute multiturn encoders, rear end brakes and STO (safe torque off, SIL3). Additionally, the unit features 8 I/O points that can be individually configured as digital inputs or outputs, or as analogue inputs. These I/Os can be utilized as local/remote I/Os for the central PLC, or in conjunction with the ePLC™ in standalone applications.
Ethernet Switch for Daisy-Chain Connection
You can choose between all major Ethernet protocols and due to the built-in Ethernet switch you can connect all your motors with just one cable running between them.
Function blocks (FB) for Siemens PLCs and Add-On-Instruction (AOI) for Rockwell Allen
Bradley ControlLogix PLCs are available for download.

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For further information, please contact:
JVL A/S, Bregnerødvej 127, 3460 Birkerød, Denmark.
Tel. +45 4582 4440. E-mail: Web:
About JVL - JVL is a world leader within the development and production of efficient and compact integrated servo motors and integrated stepper motors. MAC motor® are a series of integrated brushless servo motors (up to 4500 W and 13.5 kW peak) and ServoStep™ are a series of integrated stepper motors (up to 25 Nm). Both motor series include motor, encoder, drive electronics, control electronics with ePLC™ and optional Ethernet integrated into one compact unit. All major industrial Ethernet protocols like Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, SERCOS, ModbusTCP/UDP and Powerlink are available.
Options include: absolute multiturn encoders, STO (safe torque off, SIL3) and brakes.

JVL has more than 30 years of motion control experience and are well known for their development and production of highly specialized integrated motors with industrial Ethernet and customized improvements. The close co-operation with customers and representatives results in cost-effective and technical optimized solutions for both basic and advanced motion control applications.

JVL's wide selection of quality products for motion control applications include: Integrated brushless servo motors, integrated stepper motors, AC servo motor controllers, motor drivers (DC, AC and steppers), brakes, gearboxes, hollow rotary actuators and HMI touch panels.


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