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JVL...Integrated in motors

Visit JVL at Industrial Expo 2013 in Lexington, KY and
Evansville, IN

JVL is the market leader within Integrated Servo and Stepper Motors and now also Industrial Ethernet solutions. Visit our stand and see our many Industrial Ethernet fieldbus solutions for our integrated motors. With the many new products we have a complete range of motors with Integrated Stepper Motors from Nema17 up to Nema43, and Integrated Servo Motors from 50 W up to 3000 W. This is an absolute must see stand for you who require the newest technology and a sophisticated and ingenious electronic motor design!
Tech or treat
Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
Four Points Sheraton - Lexington, KY
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Thursday, October 31st, 2013
Tropicana - Evansville, IN
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Now with built-in Nano-PLC in MAC400 up to MAC3000

The advantage is:
- 4 to 100 times faster command execution!
- Memory size 4 times bigger
- Application program now also with Ethernet, Profibus and CANopen modules
- 2 to 10 times faster input reaction time

MAC1500 & MAC3000 - The Complete solution for larger power ratings!

All with built-in main power supply.
Choose between model with or without brake and with or without absolute encoder.
ChooseExpansion modulefor the extensive selection for any application.
Read more abut the MAC1500 & MAC3000 here

Industrial Ethernet for MAC motor®s

One expansion module to all our Ethernet fieldbusses! The newest fieldbusses for our Integrated Servo MotorsMAC Motor®s 50 to 3000 W. are Profinet and Modbus TCP/IP expansion modules. The module has several LED’s enabling technicians and operators to get a quick status overview.
FS4 with DMX512

DMX512 control Servo Motors

JVL can now deliver DMX512 opto isolated RS485 interface for Integrated Servo Motors from 50 to 3000 W. DMX512 are mostly used for application in stage lighting, special effects and theatre but can also fast and efficiently control up to 512 motors from the same DMX master.

MIS43 NEMA43 Integrated Stepper Motor up to 25Nm

See the world's most compact Integrated Stepper Motor in size NEMA43 110x110mm flange. The motor contains everything needed to solve a modern motion control task as stand-alone or controlled from a PLC or PC.
Read more
MIS34 Wireless

MIS34 Wireless control for Integrated Stepper Motor in size NEMA34 up to 9Nm.

The already excellent high-end Integrated Stepper Motor MIS34 is now available with wireless connectivity and control support. The protocols areWLAN, Bluetooth and Zigbee supported.
Stainless steel

MAC141 in stainless steel and IP67

Integrated Servo Motor in stainless steel and IP67. JVL's unique expansion module concept for our MAC motor®s can also be used to this servo motor.
Read more about the stainless steel motor here
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