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User Manuals

JVL Type No. English Danish
MAC motor, Integrated Servo Motors

Integrated Servo Motors MAC050, MAC095, MAC140, MAC141, MAC400, MAC800, MAC1500, MAC3000

MAC00-xx Expansion Modules extracts.
MAC00-B1/2/4 RS232/485
MAC00-B41 RS232, 485, USB interface
MAC00-B42 Programable NanoPLC
MAC00-CS I/O and power cable
MAC00-Ex4 Ethernet Industrial modules
MAC00-FC2/4/41 CANOpen Fieldbus modules
MAC00-FD4 Devicenet Fieldbus modules
MAC00-FP2/4 Profibus Fieldbus modules
MAC00-FS1/4 High Speed Serial Com. Modules
MAC00-P4/5 Process Control modules
MAC00-R1/3/4 Programable modules with user I/Os
(32.0 Mb)

Integrated Servo Motors MAC050, MAC095, MAC140, MAC141(Technical Manual)
( Be aware: Old and not updated register list! )
(467 Kb)

Integrated Servo Motors MAC800(Technical Manual)
( Be aware: Old and not updated register list! )
(156 Kb)

User Manual for Ethernet MAC moduls and Ethernet in MIS34/43. LB0056-20GB
(11.4 Mb)

QuickStep, Integrated Step Motors

Integrated Step Motors, QuickStep,MIS23x, MIS34x, MIS43x and Step Motor Controller SMC75 and SMC85
(15.1 Mb)

AC Servo Drivers & Controllers

AC Servo Controllers AMC10, AMC11, AMC12
Note: Not for new developments
(3.9 Mb)
(3.9 Mb)
AC Servo Controllers AMC20, AMC21, AMC22 LB0044-05GB
(5.1 Mb)

DC Servo Drivers & Controllers

DC-Servo Controller DMC10 LB0029-05GB
(2.3 Mb)

Step Motor Controllers

Step Motor Controllers SMC23, SMC24, SMC25, SMC26
Note: Not for new developments
(1.4 Mb)
(1.3 Mb)
Step Motor Controller SMC20
Note: Not for new developments
(564 Kb)
(858 Kb)
Step Motor Controller SMC30 LB0008-02GB
(962 Kb)
(1.1 Mb)
Step Motor Controller CSDU2100
(4.8 Mb)

Step Motor Indexers SMI30, SMI31 &
Step Motor Controller SMC35
(3.5 Mb)

Step Motor Drivers

Step Motor Drivers SMD10, SMD11, SMD15 and SMD30
Note: SMD10, SMD11 and SMD30C3 are out of production
(1.1 Mb)
(1.2 Mb)
Step Motor Driver SMD41, SMD42 ( Also for SMD40 equal to SMD41 ) LB0043-03GB

Multi-function Step Motor Driver PA0076 LB0045-13GB

Modular Units

Keyboard/Display Module KDM10 LB0003-01GB
(372 Kb)
(171 Kb)
Display DIS10, DIS11 and DIS12 LB0021-03GB
(87 Kb)
(87 Kb)
Input/Output Module IOM11 LB0026-02GB
(458 Kb)
(255 Kb)
Counter Module CMO10

(215 Kb)
Field Bus Gateway FBG10
Note: Not for new developments
(533 Kb)

USB to RS485 Converter RS485-USB-ATC-820 LB0055-10GB
(76 Kb)

HMI Panels

HMI User Manual
(8.6 Mb)

HMI Quick Start Manual + Register Overview (ZIP file)
(387 kb)


MotoWare, Programming Software LB0030-04GB
(2.2 Mb)

SizeWare, Motor Configuration Software

(3.8 Mb)
MacComm OCX Control LB0051-07GB
(241 Kb)

JVL's latest News
Updated: 18/11-2016
Visit JVL at SPS IPC Drives in November 2017

New NEMA23 Integrated Stepper Motor (MIS23xQ/R/S/T)

Profinet for JVL MAC Motor, Integrated Servo Motor from 50 to 3000W

Closed-Loop feature for JVL Integrated Stepper Motors

Visit JVL at Herning in October 2017

New NEMA23 Integrated Stepper Motor (MIS23xQ/R/S/T)

NEMA34 86mm Integrated Stepper Motor Linear Actuator

Below versions can be delivered
  • Non-Captive linear actuator with nut inside motor.
  • External linear actuator. Nut are mounted on lead screw.
  • Captive and External linear actuator can be delivered with integrated driver or controller.

Industrial Ethernet for MAC
MIS340-MIS343 QuickStep - Integrated Stepper Motors

MIS340-343 QuickStep - Integrated Stepper Motors.
QuickStep, the Integrated Stepper Motors from JVL. A wealth of possibilities in a series of of the world´s most compact stepper motors with the higest microstepping resolution. 4 sizes are available. From 3Nm to 12Nm

MAC400 Integrated Servo Motor 115 to 230VAC

MAC400 - The complete solution for medium power ratings.
  • With built-in mains power supply.
  • Choose between model with or without brake.



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