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Flexible Couplings

These flexible and very robust couplings consist of only 3 parts and are intended for non-continuous operation. They offer zero-play operation, a high torsional stiffness and are easy to mount in even difficult installations. Typical applications are in motion control, e.g. in positioning systems, transport systems, optical systems, etc.
A main feature of these couplings is the ability to absorb radial displacement without bending. Since there is no persistent force from bending, bearing load is low.
The torque is transmitted by a "floating" moulded disc which absorb deflections. At the same time it acts as a mechanical safety fuse. Under serious overload, the disc fails, fracturing cleanly, and thus provides some degree of protection to personnel and machinery. The disc is easy to change and the entire construction, in which the parts can be pulled from one another, enables disassembly without removing the drive discs from axles.

These couplings require that both axles have sufficient support. They must not be used on long unsupported axle lengths and must not be used in pairs with an intermediate unsupported axle.

Flexible Couplings consist of only 3 parts
Couplings with ability to absorb radial displacement without bending.
couplings that requires both axles
Couplings - robust and flexible
Robust and flexible couplings consist of only 3 parts




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