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Release Notes
Firmware for MAC:
Firmware for MAC050-141 (8/1-2019)
Version 9.02
FW Release notes for MAC400-4500
Version 2.24

Firmware for MAC400 (30/6-2021)
Version 2.24
Firmware for MAC402(DC) (30/6-2021)
Version 2.24
Firmware for MAC800 (30/6-2021) Version 2.24

Bootloader for MAC800 (15/2-2021)
Version 1.06

Firmware for MAC1000 (30/6-2021)
Version 2.24

Firmware for MAC1200 (30/6-2021)
Version 2.24

Firmware for MAC1500 (30/6-2021) Version 2.24
Firmware for MAC3000 (30/6-2021) Version 2.24
Firmware for MAC3000-G (30/6-2021) Version 2.24
Firmware for MAC4500 (30/6-2021) Version 2.24
Firmware for MAC modules:
Firmware for MAC00-FCx modules
Version 3.05
(ModBus supported)

Firmware for MAC00-FDx modules
Version 3.0
(Modbus supported)
Firmware for MAC00-FP modules
Version 3.04
(ModBus supported)
Uses motor address

Version 3.05
(Modbus supported)
Uses dip-sw. at module
Version 2.02HS



Firmware for MAC00-FSx modules Version 2.04
Firmware for MAC00-Rx modules
Version 2.03

Firmware for MAC00-RxP modules
Version 3.01

Firmware for Ethernet modules:
MIS17/23/34/43 and -ECx modules
Version 3.40
MIS17/23/34/43 and -EIx modules (25/2-2021) Version 3.40 Notes
MIS17/23/34/43 and -ELx modules Version 3.12
MIS17/23/34/43 and -EMx modules (25/2-2021) Version 3.24 Notes
MIS17/23/34/43 and -EPx modules (25/2-2021) Version 3.40 Notes
MIS17/23/34/43 and -ESx modules (23/9-2021) Version 3.14 Notes

Firmware for 1. generation MIS23x and SMC75:
Firmware for SMC75 and MIS23x (1st gen)
Version 4.00
Version 4.00-CO
(CAN Open Version)



Firmware for 2. generation MIS:
Firmware for SMC66/85 and
MIS17x, 23x (2nd gen), 34x, 43x
Version 6.02
Encoder Firmware for
MIS17x, MIS23x (2nd gen), MIS34x, MIS43x
Version 3.10

Notice for owners of MacTalk:
Firmware in QuickStep motors, MAC050-MAC141 and MAC400-3000 and all MAC motor expansion
modules can be updated to the newest version from the "Update" menu in the MacTalk program.
Firmware Installation Guide:
Choose the desired firmware file above and save it in the main directory where MacTalk is installed.
The file will then show up in the "Update" menu first time MacTalk is started.
"ModBus supported" means that the module can talk Modbus with MAC400 or MAC800 if these are
using firmware 1.35 and up which gives much faster respons in the internal communication.

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