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Multifunction Stepper Motor Driver PA0076

Compact step motor driver can replace Parker Compumotor driver
JVL has developed a driver that is compatible with the Parker Hannifin Digiplan driver type SD10, SD12, SM13, SM14, SM15 and SMD15M both functionally and in terms of connectors. The JVL Driver PA0076 does however offer improvements in many areas:
  • High-efficiency MOS FET technology ensures less heat generation.
  • Single power supply of 12-54VAC or 17-70VDC ensures fewer cables and avoids double supply.
  • Built-in potentiometers so that velocity and acceleration can be adjusted on the PCB. This gives lower cost price in external installations and fewer errors.
  • Increased options for mini-step operation - up to 4000 steps/rev.
  • DIP switch change of modes ensures simpler set-up and fewer errors.
  • LED indication for power and error.
  • Lower price through the use of latest technology.
Motor driver based on high-efficiency MOS FET technology
Compact step motor with built-in potentiometers
A compact Stepper Motor Driver with High-efficiency MOS FET technology
Compact step motor driver by JVL

JVL has used the PA0076 Driver as a direct replacement for the Parker SD10 series in many projects, and in all cases the JVL Driver has proven to be a more than satisfactory solution for our customers.
2 models are available: PA0076, size 112mmx160mm and PA0076-1 size 100mmx160mm.



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