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New Planetary Gears for NEMA17 motors

PRESS release: June 2021

Birkerød, Denmark - JVL A/S, one of the world’s leading producers in the field of integrated servo and stepper motors, is announcing a new line of products: NEMA17 planetary gears for usage with MAC motor® and ServoStep® integrated motors, as well as other servo and stepper motors on the market in size NEMA 17. This new series HSHG17 are replacing the older HMGH17 series.
HSHG17 Planetary Gears
Our new series of planetary gears, HSHG17, offer easy connection for different applications.
Depending on your application we can supply both servo and stepper motors – with or without built-in (absolute) encoders.
Mechanically they are ready to install on motors with 5, 6.35 or 8 mm shaft. At the same time you gain the usual benefits of JVL’s integrated motors also making electrical installation easy. 
  • Complete planetary gear boxes
  • Can replace HMGH17 directly and is shorter
  • Option: Integrated Stepper or Servo motor
  • Easy point-n-click programming using MacTalk® software
  • All Ethernet protocols
  • No need for space in your electrical cabinet: drive and control electronics are built-in using MAC motor® or ServoStep®) 
You can even choose to program the motor and gear whereby they can run as stand-alone units. Should you prefer to run the actuator from a master PLC or controller, then choose between our large range of connectivity options including all major Industrial Ethernet protocols. For even more comfort we can provide you with a sensor-kit with all the parts you need for Home sensor signaling, to be mounted directly onto the actuator.

Technical specifications
  • Rated torque: 5 to 12 Nm
  • Input Flange Size: NEMA17 (42x42 mm)
  • Output Flange Size: NEMA17
  • Output Shaft: Ø10 mm with Key
  • Position accuracy: ±30 arcmin
  • Gear ratios: 4, 8 and 20:1
  • Protection: IP42 
Read more about the gear boxes here: HSGH17 Planetary Gearboxes.
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For further information, please contact:
JVL A/S, Bregnerødvej 127, 3460 Birkerød, Denmark.
Tel. +45 4582 4440. E-mail: Web:
About JVL - JVL is a world leader within the development and production of efficient and compact integrated servo motors and integrated stepper motors. MAC motor® are a series of integrated brushless servo motors (up to 4500 W and 13.5 kW peak) and ServoStep® are a series of integrated stepper motors (up to 25 Nm). Both the servo motor and stepper motor series include motor, controller, ePLC, encoder and bus system integrated into one compact unit. All industrial Ethernet protocols like Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Sercos III, ModbusTCP and Powerlink are available.
Options include: absolute multiturn encoders, STO (safe torque off, SIL3) and brakes.

JVL has more than 25 years of motion control experience and are well known for their development and production of highly specialized integrated motors with industrial Ethernet and customized improvements. The close co-operation with customers and representatives result in cost-effective and technical optimized solutions for both basic and advanced motion control applications.

JVL's wide selection of quality products for motion control applications include: Integrated brushless Servo motors, Integrated Stepper motors, AC Servo motor controllers, Motor drivers (DC, AC and Steppers), Brakes, Gearboxes, Hollow Rotary Actuators and HMI touch panels.


JVL A/S Bregnerødvej 127 DK-3460 Birkerød Denmark
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