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Build in - Absolute Multiturn Encoder.

MIS17/23/34 motors equipped with the optional absolute multi-turn encoder (H4 option) offer the possibility to keep track of the position regardless if power is connected or not. When this option is present a mechanical zero search is only necessary one time after installation and the system will keep track of the actual motor position at any time afterwards.
The encoder is based on a magnetic principle which do not offer the same resolution and precision as the more expensive optical based solutions. It do however offer the advantage to keep track of the position without power applied. The magnet principle is also much more tolerant to mechanical stress such as shock and extreme temperatures.
The absolute multi-turn option offers the following main features:
  • Resolution 409.600 counts per revolution displayed (internal 4096 cpr)
  • Accuracy +/- 0,1% of full scale
  • Repeatability +/- 0,1% of full scale
  • Position range -5245 to +5245 motor revolutions (+/- 2^31 motor counts)
  • It can flip over.
Resolution 409.600 counts per revolution (standard)
As seen above the motor resolution is much higher than the encoder resolution. The encoder option is however mostly used for closed-loop operation and stall detection at the motor (motor loose its position) and for this situation the encoder will be adequate since the motor can only stall in multiples of a 1/50 shaft revolution corresponding to 7.2 mechanical degrees. When using H2 encoder in closed-loop control will the motor typically not stall because the closed-loop algorithm will change current and speed up and down to avoid the stall.
The complete absolute encoder and encoder position is always available in a user program og PLC via any of the serial interfaces or types of fieldbus.
JVL new integrated stepper motor MIS17/23/34 have optional build in absolute multiturn encoder. It have been possible because a new technology with magnet based encoder and extremely low power microprocessor have been used. To supply the circuit at poweroff, an ultra compact, high temperature battery is used. This have typical more than 15 years life time. The big advantage of having an Absolute Encoder is that you only need to reset the encoder value once, then you can drive and always have a correct absolute encoder counter value - no matter how many power cycles you make. In other words the motor remembers it’s encoder counter value. A system without home sensor can be built and machine startup is minimized. This save installation money and the customer can produce more units per hours.
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