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Power Supply Kits for Motor Drivers & Controllers

Low cost unregulated DC power supplies. Simple construction and low cost. Flexibility in mounting (loose parts) 115 and 230VAC, 50-60Hz input Built-in TCO thermo switch, 128°C Compact and easy to mount High peak current ideal for motorcontrollers with fast accelleration UL and CSA transformer Trafo-design in accordance with EN60742 (VDE0551) Low cost alternative to standard power supply series PSUxx from JVL Ideal for OEM use

  • 40, 80 and 150VDC output
  • 100 to 1000W. Up to 4kW in peak
  • Modules with built-in power dump circuit and resistor
These power supplies can be used if there is not room for a standard power supply or a more cost effective solution is wanted.
The PSUKIT consists of a transformer, a capacitor and a bridge rectifier.
The PSU00-PD1 Power supply and power dump resistor consists of a rectifier, a capacitor and a large capacitor


which absorbs energy returned during motor deaccele-ration so that it can be reused. If the voltage nevertheless increases to more than about 50VDC, the energy will be dissipated in a built in power dump resistor. An external transformer must be connected.




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New NEMA23 Integrated Stepper Motor (MIS23xQ/R/S/T)

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New NEMA23 Integrated Stepper Motor (MIS23xQ/R/S/T)

NEMA34 86mm Integrated Stepper Motor Linear Actuator

Below versions can be delivered
  • Non-Captive linear actuator with nut inside motor.
  • External linear actuator. Nut are mounted on lead screw.
  • Captive and External linear actuator can be delivered with integrated driver or controller.

Industrial Ethernet for MAC
MIS340-MIS343 QuickStep - NEMA34 Programmable Integrated ServoStep Motors with Closed-Loop, Ethernet, multiturn encoder

MIS340-343 QuickStep - Integrated Stepper Motors.
QuickStep, the Integrated Stepper Motors from JVL. A wealth of possibilities in a series of of the world´s most compact stepper motors with the higest microstepping resolution. 4 sizes are available. From 3Nm to 12Nm


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