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Low Cost plate for own cable MAC00-0x

  • Cable connected directly to basic motor connector
  • User I/O connection
  • 2 NPN outputs
  • Pulse/direction or RS422
  • ±10V and encoder feedback
  • IP42 or IP67
  • RS232 (5Volt) serial interface. External converter nessesarry for PC connection)
  • Dual supply not available


Low cost plate for own cables that can be used for pulse/direction or ±10V analogue control. The analog input can be used in open loop to control position, velocity or toque. Closed loop operations is also possible when motor encoder output is connected to external master controller that close the loop.
Notice that motor contain a RS232 (5V) interface so converter is needed if motor should be connected directly to a PC. Use alternative MAC00-Bx module where RS232 and RS485 interface is available.
The module is normally used when the machine builder demand special cable length or special cable types. Thus it is not possible for the customer by mistakenly to change the parameters. The plate do not contain any electronics so all the basic MAC motor signals are available for own cable or own module.
End cover without holes
  • For customers own connector
  • Inclusive screws
  • 1.5mm thick, dia. = 57.3mm
  • Black anodized

  • IP42
    End cover with 2 cable bushes
  • For customers own cable
  • 1 pcs. M12x1.5 cable bush
  • 1 pcs. M16x1,5 cable bush
  • 6mm thick, dia. = 57.2mm

  • IP67
    End cover with 4 cable bushes
  • For customers own cable
  • 1 pcs. M12x1.5 cable bush
  • 3 pcs. M16x1,5 cable bushes
  • 6mm thick, dia. = 57.2mm
  • IP67



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    Updated: 18/11-2016
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    New NEMA23 Integrated Stepper Motor (MIS23xQ/R/S/T)

    NEMA34 86mm Integrated Stepper Motor Linear Actuator

    Below versions can be delivered
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    • External linear actuator. Nut are mounted on lead screw.
    • Captive and External linear actuator can be delivered with integrated driver or controller.

    Industrial Ethernet for MAC
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    • With built-in mains power supply.
    • Choose between model with or without brake.



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