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NEMA34 86mm Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

Linear stepper motors can dramatically
reduce cost and save space. There is no coupling, no additional bearing support and no assembly work required. This not only reduce cost but also reduce failure rate due to the less number of components and more simple construction. In applications with small load ratings a linear guide is also not required. The special design and material of the nut secure long life operation.

Below versions can be delivered
  • Non-Captive linear actuator with nut inside motor. Linear moving part can rotate so it should be fixed.
  • External linear actuator. Nut are mounted on lead screw.
  • Captive (will be available for NEMA34 in the future) and External linear actuator in NEMA size 23 and 34 can be delivered with integrated driver or controller.
  • Rolled ball screw, grade C7
On request
  • Different shaft and stroke length
  • Special nut design
  • Higher IP protection


Motor Type Voltage
Lead Wire No. Motor Length (L)
[mm] (inch)
MSL341Axy-4L3AA1.3z 12.0 1.3 9.2 71.0 4 80 (3.149)
MSL341Axy-4L3AA3.0z 5.1 3.0 1.7 15.0 4 80 (3.149)
MSL341Bxy-4L3AA5.5z 2.85 5.5 0.52 4.5 4 80 (3.149)

Make your own Motor Partnumber here where x, y and z are described.
Notice for external nut versions:
Plastic nut are standard but nut can also be delivered in bronze (material H59) with same size as plastic nut and same price as plastic. Anti-backlash nut in plastic and Teflon coated lead screw are also available for all sizes external nut motors. Optional can rolled ball screw be delivered in selected pitch e.g. 1mm/rev or 5mm/rev. Please ask JVL for more information.
Lead Code. Travel Per Rev.*
[mm] (inch)
[N] (lbs.)
Screw Dia.
[mm] (inch)
K 2.54 (0.1) 2700 (607) 15.875 (0.625)
L 3.175 (0.125) 2400 (539.5) 15.875 (0.625)
R 5.08 (0.2) 2100 (472.1) 15.875 (0.625)
S 6.35 (0.25) 1700 (382.2) 15.875 (0.625)
Y 12.7 (0.5) 15.875 (0.625)
Z 25.4 (1.0) 400 (89.9) 15.875 (0.625)
*Based on 200 step/rev motor. Divide with 200 to get travel per step. If JVL controller with 409600 step/rev
are used divide with 409600 to get travel/step (SMC85).
Screw dia 15.875 weight xx g/mm.

Appropriate driver or controller for NEMA23 to NEMA34
Pulse and direction driver Programable controller
SMD73 (0-3 Amp, 12-24 VCD) SMC75 (0-3 Amp, 12-48 VDC)
SMD74 (0-3 Amp, 12-48 VDC) SMC85 (0-9 Amp, 12-80 VDC)
SMD41 (0-9 Amp, 12-80 VDC) SMC35 (0-6 Amp, 12-80 VDC)
SMD42 (0-9 Amp, 12-160 VDC)
PA0076 (0-6 Amp, 12-70 VDC)
With VCO and AC input

Size 34 Captive (C), External nut (E), Non captive (N) Rolled Ballscrew (B)
Axial load Max 2000N * Max 2000N *
Axial play (Endplay) Max 0.1 mm * Grade 4 ***
Radial load 0 N ** 0 N **
Radial play 0 mm 0 mm
Recommend load limit Max 2600N Max 2600N
* We don´t use wave washer and we applied pre-load to the bearings. So the axial play is very small, it comes from the mechanical deform when there is axial load, it should be less than 0.1mm.
** For the motor with screw shaft, there should be no radial load on the screw, otherwise the shaft will be bend and affect the linear accuracy.
*** Read more about ball screws data here.
Normally the lifetime will typical be as following but will depends on load, force, acceleration, speed, temperature and many other factors.
Nut Type External Plastic External Bronze External Anti-backlash Non-captive Ball Screw
(in cycles)
3.000.000 200.000 3.000.000 3.000.000 10.000.000

Standard motors are Class B rated for maximum temperature of 130 °C. Standard protection grade IP42 and higher on request. Motor can also be delivered as a 6 wire unipolar with 30% less force. Other travel per stepm, special nut and mechanical shaft dimensions/length can also be delivered. Weight and inertia depend upon shaft length. All measures in mm. All electrical tolerances 10%.



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