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MAC motors control antenna

2 x MAC800 motors position a parabolic antenna for Dutch television broadcasting.
For television recording of moving events such as cycling (Tour de France, etc.), the most common way of getting the images from the camera to the stationary control room is by relaying the signal via a helicopter or a small airplane.
The antenna mounted on the stationary control room has to follow this aircraft to prevent any loss of signal due to the movement of the plane. Until recently an operator was continuously occupied adjusting the antenna to the position of the aircraft.
The Dutch broadcasting company has developed a device with 2 x MAC800 motors and 2 Spinea backlash-free gears to automatically adjust the position of the antenna depending on the strength of the signal. The choice of JVL Mac motors was made because of the integrated electronics (which means very few cables to the motor) and the possibility to communicate directly via RS485. This made it easy to combine control of the motors with the PC that manages the variation of the antenna signal.
Moreover, JVL’s user-friendly MacTalk software made it very easy to tune the motor to environmental circumstances such as wind, etc.
MAC motors control antenna - the complete antenna
The complete antenna      Mounting of the motors
                                           in the unit 

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