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Process Control Expansion Modules MAC00-P4 and MAC00-P5

Expansion module MAC00-P4 and MAC00-P5
The modules are intended to be used for control application requiring an analogue 4-20mA interface to a master controller.
The interface consists of a 4-20mA input to control the motor position and a 4-20mA
output to indicate the actual position. Both offers full galvanic isolation from other electrical circuitries inside the motor and also in between.
An output is also available to indicate if any error has occurred that prevent the motor
from doing the intended operation. This output is also galvanic isolated.
If a second motor need to function as a slave, the MAC00-P4/P5 modules also offer this possibility.
A high speed communication interface makes it possible to handle a secondary
motor configured as "slave" which means that the communication protocol always makes
sure that the slave follows the master motor. In case of an error in either the slave or
master any further motion is stopped in both motors.
  • Standard M12 and Harting connectors. (MAC00-P5) for optimum reliability.
  • Standard M12 connectors. (MAC00-P4)
  • 4-20mA analogue input. Resolution 16 bit (65535 steps). Galvanically isolated.
  • 4-20mA analogue output. Resolution 16 bit (65535 steps). Galvanically isolated.

  • Error output. Galvanically isolated.
  • Communication interface to slave motor (includes +24V power to the slave motor)
  • Optically isolated communication covering RS232, RS485.
  • Full RS232 protocol support for use with standard serial cable.
  • RS232 Communication interface to a PC for setup and monitoring use.
  • Supply input for the control section in the motor. Is also used to the slave motor if present.




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