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How does Torque Homing work ?
How does Torque Homing work ?
In this special homing mode, the motor moves according to the same parameters as for Sensor type 1 and 2 zero search, but the Zero Search Torque value are used different.
When this mode is called, the motor starts to move in the direction and with the speed defined by Zero Search Velocity.
When the Torque gets higher than the value defined by Zero Search Torque, the motor defines this position as Zero Position and decelerate and stop.
If the motor was left in this position it would would go into an error situation if the Actual Torque is defined higher than 100%.
To avoid this the motor is moved away from the zero position for 0.5 sec.
This value can't be changed.
The distance it moves during this time is depending of the Zero Search Velocity.
When the 0.5 sec is over, the motor is in a certain position.
This value are added with Zero Search Position and placed as Actual Position ( P_IST ) and the motor then changes to Start up Mode.
If Start up mode is positioning mode, then the motor starts to move until Actual Position is zero.
Now the Torque homing has ended.


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