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Which values for Load factor can be used with succes ?
Which values for Load factor can be used with success ?
The default values will normally work with no load from 0.5 up to about 1.5 before the motor is getting unstable.

The MAC motor algorithms are exceptional and the standard filters will provide up to a 50:1 ratio between load and motor inertia.
They are tested for higher ratios (100:1) with typical motion profiles.

MacTalk is limiting the Load factor to 5.
If you need higher ratio, then please contact JVL.

The standard filters are already tuned pretty hard to allow maximum torque at high speeds. That's why you'll notice some noise from the motor as it adjusts all the time at standstill. This noise is coming from the current loop and can be reduced in non aggressive applications by reducing the KIFX1 parameter. 
This is the only filter parameter that should be adjusted.

Other filters can be supplied for extreme situations but we have found
that the standard ones supplied fulfils 99% of the typical applications.


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