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What is O2 used for ?
What is O2 used for ?
Please notice that O2 always works as an error output except for
Rx modules, where it can be selected as "User defined".

This means that the output will be activated if a fatal error occur.

A fatal error is classified as follows

1. Overvoltage
2. Too much regenerative energy
3. Too high average current to the motor.
    ( Permissible average torque have been exceeded and
      the Torque value is set to a value above 100%. )
4. The software position limits have been exceeded.
5. The maximum following error have been exceeded.
6. The maximum function error have been exceeded.

The error texts in Status in MacTalk also show these errors.

The modules MAC00-Bx, Rx, FCx, FDx, FPx and FSx all support this

This output needs a voltage supply if a module is used, because it's
isolated from the motor.


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