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Demo program examples showing how to communicate with JVL motors (OCX, Labview, Visual, MODBUS, MACtalk)

Description Filename Size
Example where OCX is used in Excel spreadsheet to change mode and position in a MAC motor
PDF to how to use the OCX in Excel How to make OCX-program in Excel.pdf 190Kb
Example in C++ where OCX is used together with MAC140
Graphic Test_Visual 22Kb
Example for LabView 6_1 28Kb
Example for LabView 7_0 35Kb
Example for Visual Basic Visual 6Kb
Example for Visual C++ 8Kb
Example for ModBus TCP & RTU in Labview 2013 ModbusExample.rar 40Kb
Connecting to JVL motor using LabView 2206Kb
Connecting to JVL motor using C# - DotNet
C# - DotNet 595Kb
Example for MOSBUS RTU on MISxx RS485
Modbus-help 206KB
All the above examples are for reference only. JVL can not garantee for their proper working.

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