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JVL Equipment used in Patented Glass Process

Step motor Controller, AC-Servo Controllers and Indexer in advanced glass processing machine

Innovative company Wave Glass Technology has just completed a model of a newly patented glass processing machine for which JVL has supplied Controllers and motors and has taken care of software development of the machine's control system.

The model is a so-called "cold" machine which processes copper plates. The final machine will be 5 times larger and will process heated glass plates.

The machine represents an entirely new and revolutionary method for processing plate glass so that it can be bent into a required form. The principle of the process is that the glass is fed through a series of double rollers. Using a template and pneumatic control, the rollers are vertically adjusted to provide the required form. In the final model, which will be five times larger than the prototype model, step motors and spindles on each roller will be used instead of a template and pneumatic control.
The advantage of the new machine is that it functions completely without the use of tools. And, without stoppages, it can be re-programmed to yield other forms - including s-forms.
In the prototype model, a step motor controls the feed of the glass plate. An AC servo motor controls horizontal movement, i.e. forward and backward control of the template. A second AC servo motor controls the vertical movement of the template. The Windows-based software that controls motion in the individual axes has been developed by JVL.
The machine has been developed by Wave Glass Technology and constructed by Maskinbygger Arne Steens Eftf. in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen. Development has been subsidised by Vækstfonden, Teknologisk Innovation A/S, Uni-Bank's innovation fund and Amagerbanken.
The machine's designers have many years of experience in this specialised field and have great expectations of the project. Construction of the first full-scale production model for a European customer is expected to begin in the Spring of 2000. JVL has been extremely pleased to take part in this exciting, innovative project.
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The finished model of the glass-plate processing machine.
The machine's control system, consisting of a PC, a Step Motor Controller, and 2 AC Servo Controllers in an RS232 network.
One of the PC screen views developed by JVL. Machine configuration can be changed easily and quickly without stoppages or changing tools

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