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3-D Milling Machine uses JVL MAC Motors

Successful application story from British company Amtech

A CNC company contacted Amtech after samples produced by their 3D-milling machine did not meet customers’ requirements. The company which specialises in the manufacture of small 3D CNC machines were asked to produce some samples for an engineering company working in the jewellery trade. The samples did not meet the demanding requirements; the edges of the parts were not smooth and the process took too long.

After looking at the process, it was identified that the stepper motors being used were to blame for the poor finish on the edge of the parts. The stepper controller being used did not give continuous motion, it had a slow serial interface and it stopped between each command. This contributed to the poor finish and the time taken to complete the process.
To smooth out the motion of the machine, the stepper motors were replaced with MAC95 motors. This was easy as the MAC motor and stepper motor being replaced were both NEMA23. The stepper control system was replaced with the Amtech PCI servo control card (AMT-PCI-MC4) and GNC for Windows software. The smooth continuous path motion speeded up the process by as much as 50% and gave a high quality finish.
The machine is now used in the jewellery trade for prototyping, master models, wax casting patterns and small-volume production runs.

About Amtech

A custom-built motion control system in no time!

Amtech (Automated MicroTechnology Ltd) has been in the PC motion control business for over 15 years, both designing and manufacturing the hardware and software components required to build a PC-based motion control system. The wide range of applications over the years is a testament to the quality and flexibility of the company’s products.

The thistle broach produced on the machine
Close-up of the machine cutting 

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