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Assembling Robot using linear Motors

At Codan Steritex medical equipment is assembled with the help of JVL equipment

At Codan Steritex in the Danish town of Espergærde, the company has recently completed a new assembly machine for medical equipment.
Since the assembly process requires rapid linear movement, with several stops and very small tolerances, it was decided to use a 1.5 meter linear motor manufactured by Technotion, who are represented in Denmark by JVL.
To control the motor, JVL supplied an AC Servo Controller AMC20. Overall control of the assembly machine is carried out by a Mitsubishi PLC. Programming was done by Codan Steritex and the AMC20 is operated in register mode with 4 fixed positions selected by the PLC.
The position of the linear motor is determined by a Lika linear encoder and the required accuracy of 10 microns is achieved even at a velocity of 4 m/s.
The assembly machine produces more than 1500 units per hour and JVL has been very pleased to contribute to this solution.

The linear motor and assembly machine
AMC20 AC Servo Controller in control cabinet

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