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JVL Step Motors in Food-processing Industry

Danish company Primodan in Holbæk uses a wide range of JVL controllers and motors

At the Danish company Primodan in the town of Holbæk, a wide range of machinery is made for applications in the food-processing industry.
The machines are exported throughout the world, and are used for example in the production of feta-cheese, salads, liver-paté, juice, ketchup, dressing and mustard – and other applications where there is a need for filling bottles, jars and containers.
Primodan has collaborated with JVL for many years on the motion control of these machines. For example, a newly completed machine for producing feta-cheese includes a total of 4 step motors and associated JVL controllers type SMC35.
The machine, which has been sold to Iran, consists of several sections that process raw material entering the machine at one end, right through the production process to completed sealed containers of feta-cheese at the other end.
The overall control process is managed by a Siemens S7 PLC. The step motors are used in the processes for foil feeding, paper feeding, dosing salt, and container transport.
Commenting on the reason for specifically choosing JVL as the supplier of these motors and controllers, Primodan programmer Carsten Olsen highlights the excellent service provided by JVL during development of the systems.
In the future Primodan also plans to use JVL’s integrated MAC servo motors and has already purchased a MAC800 for a new machine.
View of the filling and packaging processes of the machine.
Step Motor Controllers SMC35 in the machine’s control panel.
One of the step motors in the filling and packaging component of the machine.

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