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JVL News

JVL Nyt in Danish ( Only /4-1996 to /11-2010)
JVL regularly publishes a newsletter: News from JVL.
It deals with the control of motors and related topics.
Published issues are listed below.

Please send me "JVL News" free of charge! ( Only /4-2007 to /2-2011)
JVL News, Number 22
Main Topics:
MAC400 - JVL's latest development in integrated servo motors,, Process Control Expansion Module, YET now directly available in Denmark, MAC motors control antenna, New module for MAC servo motors, New agent in Mexico.
Complete copy:
JVLNews22 (981 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0059-01GB)
JVL News, Number 21
Main Topics:
Wireless motor communication really makes sense. High-speed Modbus in MAC400 and MAC800. Absolute multi-turn encoders in MAC400/800. 18th-century music recreated. Motor/Gear combinations. JVL on tour in the USA.
Complete copy:
JVLNews21 (1.080 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0060-01GB)
JVL News, Number 20
Main Topics:
Absolute Multi-turn encoder in QuickStep motors. Wide range of own planetary gears. Material friction measured using JVL equipment. Triple torque at all speeds. SSI interface in QuickStep motors. JVL representatives meeting. New representatives in India and Switzerland. New office in Germany. New employees.
Complete copy:
JVLNews20 (1.020 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0057-01GB)
JVL News, Number 19
Main Topics:
JVL MAC motors - now in 400W version. Laser scanner uses JVL MAC Motors. QuickStep in different versions. JVL member of ODVA and CAN in automation. New low-cost step motor controller. Large selection of own planetary gears. New Employees. OCX Driver - makes programming easy.
Complete copy:
JVLNews19 (1.240 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0055-01GB)
JVL News, Number 18
Main Topics:
Waterproof MAC and QuickStep motors. QuickStep and MAC drawings now in 3D for CAD. Ergonomic baggage lifter uses wireless control. JVL opens new office in USA. New USB to CAN converter. Quality Assurance at JVL. JVL´s new website. JVL again at SPS/IPC/Drives. JVL on YouTube.
Complete copy:
JVLNews18 (1.470 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0053-01GB)
JVL News, Number 17
Main Topics:
New WLAN module for the MAC motors. Bus systems. Updated JVL nano-PLC module. Stepper motor controller SMC75. MAC motors - special versions. Tooling machines use MAC800. JVL achieving great success in the USA.
Complete copy:
JVLNews17 (1.383 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0051-01GB)
JVL News, Number 16
Main Topics:
JVL Integrated step motors. QuickStep. MAC800 motors UL recognized. Italian art controlled by MAC motors. New high-speed RS485 multi- module. MAC800 motors in IP65 models, QuickStep motors now also with encoder. Brake reconstructed. M12 connectors and cables for MAC and QuickStep. JVL opens office in Germany. JVL at SPS/IPC Drives.

Complete copy:
JVLNews16 (1.130 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0050-01GB)
JVL News, Number 15
Main Topics:
JVL Integratedstep motors. QuickStep. New Blue Tooth module for the MAC motors. Tobacco machines use MAC motors. MAC 800 drawings now in 3D for CAD. New agents in Switzerland and Italy. JVL step motors in Food-processing Machinery. JVL at SPS/IPC Drives.

Complete copy:
JVLNews15 (1.740 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0047-01GB)
JVL News, Number 14
Main Topics:
JVL Integrated motors. QuickStep, integrated step motors. 3-D laser scanner with MAC motors. Large power supplies, e.g. for MAC motors. AC servo motors for controller AMC20. MAC motors now in use world-wide. High-speed module for the MAC motors.

Complete copy:
JVLNews14 (1.240 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0044-01GB)
JVL News, Number 13
Main Topics:
MAC 800 integrated motor, now with brake. CANopen and Devicenet modules for the MAC motor. Expansion modules now also with M12 connectors. World´s largest producer of roller drives now uses JVL MAC motors. New smart soft PLC. New shaft reinforcement and electronic brake. Watertight MAC motors. MAC motor application at english company.

Complete copy:
JVLNews13 (791 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0041-01GB)
JVL News, Number 12
Main Topics:
New MAC Motors, 400W and 750W. MacComm OCX file makes it easy to develop Windows software with MAC motors. New improved programming tool, MotoWare. JVL in France. JVL in Spain and Portugal. New Export manager. JVL at the Herning Fair.

Complete copy:
JVLNews12 (394 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0039-01GB)
News from JVL, Number 11
Main Topics:
The flexible MAC motor. Lanterns measured using JVL controllers. Servo Controller that´s worth a closer look. MacTalk, advanced software at your fingertips. JVL controllers for demanding applications. Mini-driver now with built-in step generator. Power supplies.
Complete copy:
JVLNews11 (477 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0036-01GB)
News from JVL, Number 10
Main Topics:
New AC Servo Motor with integrated controller. Punch grinder controlled by JVL controller. Servo Controller for linear motors. JVL now represented in USA. New representatives in Sweden. New Mini-step driver. JVL at the Herning Fair 2001.
Complete copy:
JVLNews10 (416 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0033-01GB)
News from JVL, Number 9
Main Topics:
New Intelligent Step Motor Controller. JVL Develops Mini Driver for Motor Mounting. Automated Turntable uses JVL Controllers. JVL as a Project Partner. Multi-function Step Motor Driver. Auto-tuning in New AC Servo Controller. JVL Celebrates 10th Anniversary. New Employees.
Complete copy:
JVLNews9 (503 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0031-01GB)
News from JVL, Number 8
Main Topics:
New Field Bus Gateway for Profibus and more. JVL Equipment used in Patented Glass Process. New Turntable offers Simpler Operation. JVL nominated as a Gazelle. JVL represented in Portugal. New Control Centre in AC servo Controller AMC20. JVL at HI99.
Complete copy:
JVLNews8 (638 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0027-01GB)
News from JVL, Number 7
Main Topics:
New Generation of Ministep Drivers, SMD41. JVL at "Teknik & Data. Danfoss calibrates Thermostats and Pressostats using Motors and Controllers from JVL- JVL on the Internet. MAN-B&W uses JVL Controllers in Spray Robot Application. JVL continues Growth. JVL now also in Switzerland. New Employees.
Complete copy:
JVLNews7 (282 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0024-02GB)
News from JVL, Number 6
Main Topics:
AMC20-A World-class Servo Controller. Danfoss assembling Pressostats and Thermostats using JVL equipment. Avoid noise problems from power supplies. JVL ensuring quality. JVL High-torque Step Motors. JVL represented in Belgium and Holland. New direct telephone numbers.
Complete copy:
JVLNews6 (1.022 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0024-01GB)
News from JVL, Number 5
Main Topics:
TurnMaster Turntable. JVL at "Teknik & Data" in Odense. B&O Assembles Loudspeakers using Robot Screwdriver Controlled by JVL AC-Servos. EMC Testing. DLL files and DDE Driver. Axis Controller Cards or Controllers?
Complete copy:
JVLNews5 (1.022 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0019-01GB)
News from JVL, Number 4
Main Topics:
Climatic tests and computer-controlled testing. Customized valve controllers. Computer-controlled camera-robot uses JVL Step- and servo motor controllers. JVL at PCIM´97 & at the Herning Industrial Fair. SizeWare, configuration software ensures rapid, reliable determination of motor size.
Complete copy:
JVLNews4 (1.022 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0016-01GB)
News from JVL, Spring 1997
Main Topics:
New Servo/Step Motor Indexers. Handling and Assembly Machine for Hearing Aids. Unique in Motor Controllers. Servo Controllers with Sequential Program Execution.
Complete copy:
JVLNews3 (1.022 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0013-01GB)
News from JVL, Autumn 1996
Main Topics:
Now, newly developed AC Servo Systems from JVL.AC and DC Servo Controllers can be used in 5 different modes of operation. MotoWare - a new programming tool. Mini-step Driver gives smooth motor operation. New EMC Controller gives protection against errors. Torque Meter gives very precise system calibration.
Complete copy:
JVLNews2 (1.022 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ010-01GB)
News from JVL, Spring 1996
Main topics:
New controller series with ¼ and 1/8 th Ministep. Assembly machine for insulin syringes. Modules provide Flexibility for Step Motro Control. New compact programmable DC controller. Driver SMD15 now with ¼ and 1/8 ministeps.
Complete copy:
JVLNews1 (1.022 Kb)
(Litt. No.: LJ0007-01GB)

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