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More Information about SMC35A and SMC35B

SMC35 is the most advanced step motor controller from JVL, with built-in micro-PLC and 11 inputs and 8 outputs. The Controller offers high torque, high velocity and high resolution in order to solve the most demanding applications in the industry.

Programming of the Controller is accomplished from a PC using JVL''s Windows-based software MotoWare, which ensures quick and easy set-up.

2 built-in microprocessors ensure true multi-tasking with change of velocity, acceleration, outputs, etc., while the motor is running. In addition, the Controller includes advanced timers, counters and interrupt facilities so that any task can be solved.

An encoder input enables motor position and ”stall” of motor to be detected so that corrective measures can be taken if required.

An extra pulse-/direction output for an external step or servo driver enables 2 motors to be controlled by the SMC35 (not simultaneously.)

The SMC35 Controller offers fast 20kHz switching, recirculating digital current control, anti-resonance circuitry, and software selection of current, step resolution, velocity, etc. 40kHz switching is also possible, for example if a disc step motor is used.

The Controller is protected against short-circuiting of motor phases and outputs. It offers facilities for the selection of mini-step resolution, where each mechanical full-step is divided into many fine small steps (1, 2, 4 and 8 mini-steps per full step). This gives better motor operation at low speeds, lower noise, resonance-free operation and finer resolution.

Via a fieldbus interface, it is possible to connect additional equipment such as keyboard/display modules, extra I/O modules, etc.
The Controllers are also characterised by their facility to be controlled either via an RS232/485 interface, or via the general inputs in conjunction with a program sequence previously downloaded and stored in the Controller memory.

All inputs and outputs are optically isolated and are protected against overload.

  • Compact step motor controller up to 6A RMS (8.5A peak)
  • Indexer and driver in one single unit 1½-axis controller for controlling 2 motors from the same program
  • Special modes for applications involving dispensing/labelling
  • Extremely fast start/stop reaction times
  • Programmed via the well-known Windows MotoWare software
  • Can be used with all 2 or 4 phase step motors with 15 - 7.5 - 3.6 - 1.8 - 0.9 degrees per step
  • Selection of mini-step resolution via software
  • Advanced ”all digital” with built-in micro-PLC
  • Encoder inputs for monitoring position and "stall" of motor
  • Stores up to 15 errors
  • CE approved.
  • Low EMI 2 analogue inputs and 1 analogue output 0-5VDC
  • User outputs can supply up to 0.7Amp per channel so external relays can be avoided
  • Positioning range: 2.1 billion to +2.1 billion.
  • Multi-point control so 1 master SMC35 can send data to up to 31 slaves, e.g. SMI30, SMC35, DMC10 and AMC10/12
  • Multi-tasking system with facility for changing velocity, acceleration, outputs, etc., while motor running
  • 2 models. SMC35A 3A or SMC35B 6A with JVL-bus
  • Precise current control down to 0.0 Amp. in 64 steps
  • Large velocity range 0 til 2,000,000 pulses/sec.
  • Connection of up to 32 indexers on same RS232/485 interface bus
  • Absolute/relative positioning
  • 11 inputs, 8 outputs, end-of-travel inputs, high speed counter/encoder inputs
  • All I/O monitored by LEDs
  • Pluggable screw connectors
  • Can be mounted on a surface
  • Electronic gear can be coupled in/out

Programming and use with MotoWare

Programming of the Step Motor Controller is easily accomplished using the Windows-based programming software MotoWare. The Controller program is written in a very simple, BASIC-like programming language and several controller programs can be opened and edited at the same time. Each program is saved in a separate disk file which can be opened and closed as required.
An advanced "Trace" function enables monitoring of program execution on the PC screen. This feature is very useful for running in machines, etc.

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