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More information about Stepper Motor Driver SMD73 and SMD74

The Driver SMD73 can supply up to 3.0Amp RMS in each phase, and current is automatically regulated to a lower current when the motor is not receiving step pulses.
The Driver SMD73 can be powered from an 18 – 28VDC supply and SMD74 18-48VDC. It is equipped with 2 indicators: a green LED indicates that power is on and a red LED indicates an error condition.
For other applications, the Driver is available with step resolutions of 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/5, 1/8 steps/rev., and with selectable motor current by changing a resistor.
SMD73 can handle up to 50 ksteps/sec and a "half-step” current regulation ensures that the current is increased by a factor of 1.4 in order to yield maximum motor torque.

The Driver is equipped with an 8-pole connector. 4 terminals are used to connect the motor, 2 are used for the external power supply, and the remaining 2 are used to control the motor via step-pulse and direction signals.

Stepper Motor Driver can also be configured by JVL to control DC- or step motors at selectable velocity, stand-by/operating current, change of direction, etc. For example, it is possible to control a DC motor so that input 1 selects start/stop and input 2 determines velocity. Please contact JVL for more information.
SMD74 are a new improved driver based on SMD73 design and shape.
SMD74 offer:
  • Supply voltage up to 48VDC
  • Use more efficient MOSFET for higher operation temperature.
  • Ultra efficient driver with low heat dissipation
  • Better EMC noise filtering in power and motor lines.
  • Additional 4 pin connector for Error output and Enable input.

Technical information about SMD74:
4pin connector ( type B4B-ZR-SM4-TF)

SMD74 Test point on the PCB.
Pin Function
Pin Function
1 NC
TP1 Error led anode
2 Enable input. 1Kohm to Gnd. Max 3,3V. Motor ignore pulses when active high.
TP2 Power led anode
3 Error output. 3,3VDC. Active parallel with ERROR LED.
TP3 3,3VDC
4 Gnd

TP5 Start up circuit

TP6 4,25 Mhz

TP7 Reset

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