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More Information about Stepper Motor Drivers SMD15 and SMD30

Drivers with built-in Step Generator
Drivers with a built-in step generator provide an economic alternative to programmable Controllers for relatively simple yet precise speed control. Full/Half-Step operation can be selected on all models. The JVL range of Drivers covers motor phase currents from 0 to 12A/phase and driver voltages from 15V to 150V. All Drivers can be directly connected to PLC equipment with step motor capabilities.
Power Supply

Driver types SMDxxx2 are built on Euro-cards and require an external power supply. To facilitate easy powering, only a single supply voltage need be connected to the Drivers. The internal supply ensures the correct powering for driver stages, control circuitry, etc.
Driver types SMDxxx4 are supplied in DIN cabinets and include a complete 230VAC power supply for mains operation. The Driver''s internal voltage supply is available externally and can thus be used for powering other Drivers in the system.

Driver Types, Selection of Driver

Selection of the Driver model for a specific task is primarily made on the basis of the required motor voltage (80 or 150V) and current (6 or 12 A). It should then be decided whether a complete Driver with built-in 230V mains supply is required or an external DC power supply is available, which can advantageously be used to power several drivers. Here JVL´s power supplies PSU80 (80V) and PSU150 (150V) can be used.

The Driver can be set up to work without the built-in step generator. A controller will then be required, e.g. the control card of a PLC, or a PC controller card which can control the motor position. In these cases, the Driver''s step-pulse and direction inputs are used.
If the Driver is set up to work with the built-in step generator, the step generator can generate the step pulses on the basis of the 2 control inputs, e.g. from a PLC or sensor, etc.

The start velocity, acceleration/deceleration time and 2 top velocities, as well as 6 different control modes can be adjusted. A microprocessor ensures control of the step generator in accordance with the pre-set operating parameters.

Specifications - Without power supply and cabinet:
Version 2
With built-in step generator and start-stop inputs. Trimmers for start speed and ramp time. 2 selectable top speeds. SMD15B2 6A/80V

Specifications - With power supply, Cabinet:
Version 4
With built-in step generator and start-stop inputs. Trimmers for start speed and ramp time. 2 selectable top speeds. SMD15B4 6A/80V SMD30C4 12A/150V

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