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Soft PLC


SoftNC software for use with JVL MAC motors
SoftNC software

The software SoftNC is the most advanced and flexible IEC-61131-3 based soft PLC on the market today. Install it on a standard PC or industrial PC with Windows XP and you can use all programming languages under IEC-61131-3.
Using serial RS232/RS485 communication up to 254 of JVL’s integrated MAC motors with built in controller, driver, encoder etc are controlled.
Step motors can also be controlled via the PA0122 modules and a separate drivers. For this JVL can also offer several solutions.
The combination of the SoftNC software and the JVL range of integrated servo motors and step motor equipment is ideal for controlling several axes, such as in X-Y or X-Y-Z pick and place robots, and in robots utilizing G-codes known from the CNC world.
SoftNC on a Pentium4 (or Centrino) with Windows XP offers a PLC scan time of just 1 ms virtually independently of the number of I/Os or axes. This advanced 64-bit soft motion controller in
combination with a standard MOXA RS485 PCI card controls up to 32 of JVL’s MAC motors in up to 8 coordinate systems. The coordinate systems can be related, nested or synchronized with external encoders. Communication between SoftNC and the MAC motors runs in real time with deterministic cycle time (substituting Windows XP’s real-time-kernel).
Thereby even very complex applications like arm robots and other multi-axis machines are controlled perfectly and the solution is additionally highly robust regarding electrical noise.
Digital I/O’s are connected easily e.g. using the Fast I/O modules, type PA0120. Since the SoftNC runtime includes a Modbus I/O driver the vast number of digital and analog I/O modules available on the market are also connected effortlessly. The system manages concurrently several Modbud-TCP connections on Ethernet and Modbus-RTU on RS232 ports.
For input of external encoder signals we recommend standard PCI cards plugged into the PC or IPC.
For operator guidance connect a PC monitor or an HMI panel.
Complete datasheet:
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