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Process PLC´s and HMIs


Jetter - Germany
Complete program of Process-PLCs including HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces). Process-PLCs integrate ALL automation functions in one software and one system: normal I/O handling, motion control, operator
dialog, serial communication and so forth.
In short Process-PLCs offer extremely fast program development (using multi tasking and plain text programming language).
Complete modular range from Low end over Medium size up to High end systems.
  • 0 to 64 servo or step axes
  • 4 to 512 digital inputs/outputs
    4 to 512 digital inputs/outputs
  • 0 to 512 analogue inputs/outputs
  • 0 to 128 PID loops
  • 0 to 512 analogue inputs/outputs
  • Interfaces RS232/422/485 for PC, HMI, networking, peripheral equipment (free programmable)
  • Fieldbus connections: Profibus-DP and CAN-bus
  • Powerful multi-tasking software
  • Ideal for all PLC function and motion tasks such as: electronic gearing, flying saw, winding, traverse cutter, XYZ movements, CAM tables, etc.
HMIs (operator panels)
  • Broad range of HMIs
  • 1 to 4 lines of alphanumeric text
  • All-graphic displays
  • Touch panels
  • 3 to 32 keys, numerical and function keys
  • LCD, LED, CFL and TFT displays
  • Industrial PCs

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