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SizeWare is a Windows-based program that makes it very easy to determine the required motor size for a specific task in applications such as machine design, education and research.
SizeWare enables you to key-in all commonly required parameter values that influence the motor torque or power required in order to achieve the desired motion.
SizeWare can be used for calculation of the correct motor size for AC-Servo, DC-Servo, and Stepper motors.
SizeWare is very easy to use. A single screen picture is used for displaying all parameters. Once the known values have been keyed in, simple select CALCULATE to display the results of the configuration. Easy to use Single screen for all calculations. The following parameters can be keyed-in: Velocity, Acceleration, Time, Load, Motor Inertia, Gear Inertia, Vertical/Horizontal movement, Safety factor. Can calculate with or without gearing on various drives: Spindle, Drive belt, Disk. Supplied on 3½" diskette Also ideal for educational purposes

System requirements
PC with Windows 3.1 or later, or Windows 95. Harddisk with 1 Mbyte available disk space.



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