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Indexers SMI30 and SMI31

Programmable motor indexers for both servo- and step motors

SMI30 and SMI31 are programmable motor indexers which can operate with both servo- and step motors. SMI31 includes a module interface.
The Indexers are characterized by their ability to be controlled either via the RS232/485 interface, or via the general purpose inputs in connection with a downloaded program.
  • Simple basic programming
  • Setup/program stored in EEPROM
  • Large speed range. 2 to 2,000,000 pulses/sec.
  • Exact speed resolution +/- 0.5 pulse/sec.
  • Connection of up to 32 indexers on the same RS232/485 interface bus
  • EMC compliant construction - CE marked
  • Absolute/Relative positioning
  • 8 General purpose inputs
  • 8 General purpose outputs
  • 1 10bit Analogue output +0-5V
  • 2 10bit Analogue inputs +0-5V
  • End-of travel limit inputs
  • High speed counter/encoder inputs
  • Handshake signals to the servo/step driver
  • All general purpose I/Os monitored by LEDs




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