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Stepper Motor Drivers SMD15 and SMD30

A wide selection for any application
JVL Drivers are controlled by either external step- and direction control signals, or by a built-in step-signal generator. The latter can be used, depending on model, to control motor speed and direction using input control signals.The Drivers are equipped with inputs and outputs for clockwise- and counter-clockwise end-of-travel inputs (CW/CCW Limit Inputs), Break, Status, Start and Stop, as well as provision for adjusting start speed, acceleration/deceleration ramps and 2 tops speeds in the same operation.
  • Driver stages of 6 and 12 A, and 15-150V
  • Top velocity can be controlled using external voltage (0-5/0-10V)
  • Phase current can be controlled using external voltage (0-5V)
  • Stop input which stops motor operation instantaneously
  • Status output which indicates motor is running or stationary
  • CW/CCW end-of-travel inputs

  • Facility for 2 velocities in same motor operation
  • 200, 400, 800 or 1600 steps per revolution (full-, half, 1/4 or 1/8 step operation)
  • All in/outputs optically isolated
  • Adjustment of stand-by current
  • Adjustment of operating current
  • External switching between operating and stand-by current
  • LED indication of motor operation
  • Error-, Step-pulse- and Direction output

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