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More information about JVL MAC motors

The MAC series of brushless servo motors with integrated electronics is a major step forward. All the necessary electronics in a servo system is integrated in the motor itself.
A traditional motor system has in the past typically been based on a central controller unit placed away from the motor. This circumstance has the negative effect that the installation costs is a major part of the total expenses in building machinery.
The basic idea in the MAC motors is to minimize these costs but also to make a component that is much better protected against electrical noise which can be a typical problem when using long cables between controller and motor.
The servomotor, hallsensor, encoder and electronics are specially developed by JVL so that they together form a closed unit where the power driver and controller is mounted inside the motor in a closed section.

The advantages by this solution are:
  • De-central intelligence.
  • Simple installation.
  • No cables between motor and driver.
  • EMC safe. Switching noise remains within motor.
  • Single or dual supply.
  • Compact. Does not take space in cabinet.
  • Typically a 3/5 core cable is used from PLC or similar to MAC motor.
  • 24 or 48VDC power for MAC50-141, 115/230V for MAC800 Low price.

Interface possibilities with the MAC motor:
  • From PC/PLC with drive commands via RS232/RS485/RS422
  • Pulse/direction or quadrature inputs.
  • 10 bit (MAC50-141), 12bit (MAC800)
  • ±10V input for speed or torque control.
  • A+B encoder output.
  • Register mode via 4 inputs or serial commands
  • Option for nano PLC built-in with grafical programming tools.
  • Option for Fieldbus. ProfibusDP, Canbus, CANopen, Devicenet, Ethernet, Wireless.
  • Multiaxis operation with up to 255 units on the same 460Kbit RS485 bus.
The MAC motor can be controlled with ±10V in speed or torque control with encoder feedback to master motion controller.
Furthermore the MAC motor can replace an arbitrary step or servo system being based on pulse and direction signals. There is a build-in electronic gear so that the MAC motor can simulate all possible step resolutions.

Thereby the MAC motor can replace all step- and servo-systems without change in PLC/PC/controller software. It is thus secured that adaptation/replacement of existing step motor/servo systems can be achieved quickly.
Parameters are set up via RS232 port from a Windows program.
The supply voltage is 24VDC or 48VDC (which is industry standard) for the 50-141 series, and 115/230VAC for the 800 series. A double supply facility is available so that position and parameters are maintained intact for example during an emergency stop. The motors can be delivered in 6 models: 46, 92, 134, and 750W. NEMA23 and servo flange is standard so that the MAC motors can replace a step motor directly without mechanical changes.
Connection can be chosen as DSUB, Phoenix connector, M12 or cable glands. Backlash free and planetary gears in ratio 3, 5, 10, 20, 100 can be delivered from stock.

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