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Why an integrated motor ?

The MAC integrated servomotor from danish JVL
The MAC integrated ac servo motor. Why is it unique? Because it contains an ac-servomotor, driver, controller, encoder and Hall-sensor in one small, compact unit, which can be adapted to exactly your needs by means of a modular design invented by JVL, and never offered before. You only pay for what you need, and get it at an astonishingly low price.
But the MAC motor offers more than that. You save lots of space in your cabinet, exclude trouble with noise from long motor cables and reduce errors due to cables and component failures, which causes most of all machine break-downs. With almost no cabling and only 30% of the normal number of components, you can be sure that your failure rate will drop if you choose the MAC motor for your next motion control task.

If you do, you will be surprised how well the high order regulation filter (also a JVL invention) treat nonlinear and undamped systems. The controller of course works 100% digitally, all components are SMD technique and the voltage supply is simple. To ease set up the motor is delivered with the Windows software, MacTalk. Use of the Internet is 100% integrated in the MAC concept. If you want to update your version of MacTalk or the motor´s FirmWare just select "Update MacTalk” or "Update FirmWare” and MacTalk will automatically get you the latest version from JVL´s homepage. It can´t be easier
The QuickStep, integrated stepper motors offer similar features and are the right choice for less demanding applications. They also are offered in a wide variety of models

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