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The World’s Most Compact 25 Nm Integrated Stepper Motor in NEMA43

PRESS RELEASE: January 16, 2014. JVL, Birkerød, Denmark
MIS430 and MIS432

JVL is one of the leading companies in the field of integrated servo and stepper motors.
JVL is now ready to reveal a new QuickStep®integrated stepper motor NEMA43 with 110x110mm flange size. RS485 programmable motion controller and optional industrial Ethernet, wireless and absolute multiturn encoder is on board. This motor is very useful in applications where motors must be very compact, have very high torque at low speed and without backlash that a normal gear would offer.

All the necessary electronics in a stepper system are integrated in the motor itself. JVL has used the newest technology to obtain an incredibly high step resolution of 409,600 step/revolution resulting in unsurpassed smoothness and silent running. The motor length is only 146 mm (5.75”) for a 10Nm motor and it is therefore the shortest stepper motor in the world with built-in controller. The motors are available in 2 sizes:
  • MIS430 with 10Nm, Length 146mm, Flange 110x110mm, 19mm shaft
  • MIS432 with 25Nm, Length 257mm, Flange 110x110mm, 19mm shaft
The motor contains everything needed to solve a modern control task as a stand-alone unit or controlled from a PLC or PC. 8 I/O points can be individually configured to digital input, digital output or analogue input. Modbus RTU, CANopen or Industrial Ethernet provides easy connections to a PLC or HMI. An ActiveX/OCX driver is available to make interfacing to LabView, Excel, VB or other Windows programs simple. The MAC motor standard protocol enables MAC motors®, QuickStep® motors, and SMC85 as well as SMC75 controllers to be connected on the same RS485 bus with up to 254 axes, or with Ethernet or wireless up to 65535 axes.
  • Shortest length in the industry: only 146 mm for 10Nm
  • Extreme Resolution up to 409,600 step/rev, equal to 2048microsteps per fullstep
  • Velocity precision 0.01 RPM. Acceleration precision 1 RPM/sec.
  • Built-in PLC with 8 I/O: each DI or DO 24V, or 0-5V (12-bit) analogue input with advanced input filtering
  • RS485 up to 2Mbit and Modbus RTU
  • Option: RS422 and RS485 for encoder I/O and connection to external HMI or PLC
  • Point-to-point or multi-axis operation up to 254 axes on the same RS485 bus
  • Pulse/Direction mode for electronic gearing
  • Option built-in: CANbus with CANopen DSP402 and DS301
  • Option built-in: Wireless LAN, Bluetooth or Zigbee.
  • Option built-in: Industrial Ethernet EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Powerlink etc.
  • Input for high-speed position capture
  • Wide supply range from 12-80VDC delivering high torque at high speeds
  • Motor current 0-9Amp RMS, 12.6Amp Peak
  • Dual supply maintains position values etc. in emergency-stop situations
  • ActiveX / OCX driver available as well as MacTalk protocol
  • Powerful graphic programming with +-*/ calculations and advanced functions
  • All connections with M12 connectors, IP67
  • Option for double shaft and single or absolute multiturn encoder
The integrated stepper motor can be delivered with wireless Bluetooth, ZigBee or WLAN. The motor is also prepared for future options like Profibus and Industrial Ethernet like EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP, and absolute multiturn encoder without external battery. The PCB with stepper motor controller used inside the motor is also available as type no. SMC85 with 9Amp RMS.

Flange size is 110x110mm which corresponds to the NEMA43 standard and shaft diameter is 19.0 mm with key. Planetary gears that fit the motor directly can also be supplied.

For further information, please contact:
JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, Bregnerødvej 127, 3460 Birkerød, Denmark. Tel. +45 4582 4440.
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