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RS485 setup.
RS485 setup - 
( ATC-820 ).
RS485 is not a common connection at laptops why it's often nessesary to use a USB to RS485 converter.

Windows are also often coming with new versions like XP, Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8.

Because of this we have to do something to make it possible to connect to the motors MAC and MIS with the programs MacTalk and MacRegIO.

The CD that goes with the USB to RS485 convert only includes drivers for 98/95, XP and Vista.

If you want to use it at a Windows 7 or 8 machine you need to install the driver manually.

Here is a description of what to do:

For MacTalk to communicate under Windows7 or 8 the newest USB-to-COM-port-drivers are required.
Check in Device Manager if the newest version is installed.
As of September 2012 it’s version 2.8.24.

If the installed version is NOT the newest: go to FTDIchip and download the newest driver.
NB! Remember to select 32 eller 64 bit Win7(shown in Control Panel\All elements in Control Panel\System:

Unzip after download...
Update the driver:

 Choose a Manual search (not automatic):

 Then ”Let me choose…”(?)

 Then ”Have disk/CD”:

 Choose folder 

Select the folder where you unzipped the downloaded driver.
When the installation is finished, something like this is shown (Danish version!):

Reboot your PC — and now MacTalk can communicate via the USB-RS485-converter with QuickStep® and MAC motor® integrated motors.


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