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Stepper Motor Driver SMD74

Pulse and direction Driver for motor mounting

Step Motor Driver SMD74 is a miniature driver that measures only 52.4x52.4 mm and is ideal for direct mounting onto a step motor or in a cabinet. It’s can also be used in JVL MIS23x integrated steppermotors and MIL23x linear integrated stepper motors. SMD74 are new and improved version compared to SMD73 that it can replace 100%. Additional features compared to SMD73 are supply voltage up to 48VDC for higher speed and also more efficient driver so it can work up to 85’C degree. Also a 4 pin connector with error output and enable input available. It will work with almost any type of high-torque stepper motors and can be mounted on a plane surface.

OEM low-price driver for Stepper
Dimensions only 52.4x52.4x14mm
Single power supply from 18-48VDC
Ultra high efficient driver for up to
85’C degree operation.
LED indicators for error and power
200, 400, 800,1000 or 1600
steps/rev. to order
Motor current 0,1 to 3.0 Amp RMS to
NPN/PNP and 5V inputs can be
changed with switch.
Can be mounted on a surface or
directly on NEMA23/34 High Torque
Motor control via step-pulse and
direction signals
Can handle up to 50ksteps/sec.
Also available as DC driver, up to 4A
Protected against thermal overload,
current overload, short-circuit
Many cables can be delivered with
Molex or M12 connector for easy
adaption to own cabinet.
Can be coated with for environment
with eg condensation water.








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