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New MACTALK features and improvements.

MAC140 series
* Support for setting up SSI encoder support in MAC140 -series (from firmware 7.15).
* Support of power save feature in MAC140.
MAC400 an MAC800
* Reset of position when using absolute encoder in MAC800
* Expanded HW setup when using MAC800 and B41 module
* Support of Absolute encoder and module functionality in both MAC400 and MAC800.
* Support of filter settings with MAC400.
SMC75 and Quickstep MIS23x
* Position backup at power loss, ensures that the absolute position (if installed) is saved in flash memory if
power is lost.
* SSI encoder support (SMC75 from V2.7)
* For Quickstep suited with CANOPEN support 2 registers are now user selectable and transferred using
PDO3 (Beckhoff) and PDO21 (Standard).
General MacTalk
* Graphic programming is improved with copy and paste function. CTRL+C and CTRL+V.
* Motor errors are shown in a new field only showing errors if they are present this results in less confusion for the user and less space consumption in MacTalk
* Big STOP-button ensures an easy and quick way of stopping the motor any time.
* Support of un-buffered gear-mode in startup mode.
* New improved dialogboxes.
* "Advanced" -tabs are inserted for special motor functionality/Setups and future options on MAC-motors.
* User no longer has to upload the program manually this is done automatically when connection is
established. Please note that this is only for Quickstep series and MAC-motor mounted with a program
supporting module.
* Auto COM Port Scan function helps connect to motors connected to RS232 and RS485 ports on the
computer. The dialog can be called up from the Setup menu, from a button on the toolbar, and from the
connection help dialog.
* Scope function records and displays the values of up to four motor registers, during various tests. This is
particularly useful for filter tuning. Take note that this function is still under development.
* Two new commands have been added for the graphic programming interface: Calculator and Comparison.
To use them, the RxP module needs firmware 2.3 or later, and the SMC75 needs firmware 1.9 or later.
Calculator allows the programmer to perform simple calculations, using registers, constants and the four
basic arithmetic functions. For storing intermediate results, it is possible to define user registers. Note that
these registers are not saved to flash memory. Comparison allows the programmer to compare the values
of any two registers, and jump according to the result.
* Analogue inputs has been added to the register lists in the graphic programming interface. So has
Resynchronize Position, aka. P_NEW.
* Communication stability is improved when using USB serial converters for RS232/RS485.
* Improved data security, avoid unintended loss of data in MacTalk when connecting to a motor or opening a
new file while connected.
* Improved data security, avoid unintended loss of data in MacTalk when connecting to a motor or opening a
new file while connected.
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