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High-speed MODBUS

High-speed MODBUS with integrated servo motors MAC400, MAC800, MAC1500-3000 and the stepper controllers SMC75/85 and integrated stepper motors MIS23x/34x from JVL

JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, a world leader in integrated servo an stepper motors, now offers yet another feature: The latest firmware for the integrated servo motors MAC400, MAC800 and MAC1500-3000 and the integrated stepper motors MIS23x/MIS34x and the controllers SMC75/SMC85 now supports the MODBUS RTU protocol.
The implementation supports the Read Holding Registers and Write Multiple Registers commands, which will give R/W access to all motor registers at speeds up to 1 Mbit/s, though typically the PC standard rates of 9600..115200 and 230400 bits/s would be used.
The implementation uses the original V1.1 version of the MODBUS protocol for maximum compatibility. The firmware supports the commonly used two-wire RS-485 as well as both the four-wire RS-485 and RS422 standards. Both the inexpensive MAC00-Bx and the advanced MAC00-FSx expansion modules allow access to these options.
MODBUS is generally considered the most widely used serial communications protocol in the industry.
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