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JVL Linear and rotating encoders. Absolute multiturn and SSI

Typically, absolute-encoders are used when there is a need to continue operation immediately after power is re-applied to a machine or system, without first having to perform a zero-search reset. Thereby the cost for sensor and mounting time is saved Another major reason for using absolute encoders is to correct motor position in relation to the actual physical absolute position measured. All encoders can be mounted on its own connector on the JVL motor, stepper or servo. No need for external power supply or connection boxes, because the encoder is powered via the same cable from the integrated motor.

The SSI interface is used with double or triple reading to secure reading even in noisy environment.

The rotational encoder can be delivered as a magnetic based low cost version with 1 degree error or a high precision optical version with 0.05 degree error.

Magnetic Linear encoders have precision down to 50µm and can therefore be used for high precision application at a low cost.


With its obvious advantages, the Magnetic measurement system is a valid alternative to traditional linear and rotative transducers. The system operates without contact and is unaffected by dirt, grease and water.


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