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Robot Gears HSPG

  • Zero backlash
  • Integration of high capacity radial-axial bearings into the reduction gear
  • Almost 100% increase of the rated torque
  • More than 90% transmission efficiency by rated torque
  • Large scale of reduction ratio (31-191)
  • High precision performance
  • High linearity of the torsion characteristics
  • Elimination of the gliding friction from the reduction mechanism
  • Very low level of noise and vibration
  • Very simple construction
  • Decreased external dimensions
  • High reliability
  • Long service life

We would recommend to exchange the grease. Type of grease should be stated on label placed on reducer housing.
Being a very old business case/shipment we cannot find the data in our archive. 
The lubricant exchange is performed by filling holes in the reducer case.   
Procedure for Lubricant Exchange
  • If reducer is completely sealed dismantle adapter motor flange on reducer input side and sealing cap on reducers output flange 
  • Remove the screws from the filling holes
  • Use one of the holes for filling the grease, the second one is for venting
  • Press a new grease into reducer. The old grease should go out through  free space around input shaft
  • The lubricant exchange is performed at slow input speed of the input reducer`s shaft.
  • Fill the grease until you will see that only new grease is going out (new grease will have brighter colour). 
  • At this moment 100% of inside space is filled with grease. However only 80% of the space must be filled with grease. Therefore it is necessary neither to pump out 20% of the grease, or create additional 20% of the volume as free space between reducer and motor flange
  • Clean and degrease the screw filling holes in the reducer case as well as the cap screws
Note:    -  free space inside of reducer TS240 is 375cm2.   It means, it is necessary to fill in 300 cm2 (80% of free space) 
-free space inside of reducer TS300 is 590cm2.   It means, it is necessary to fill in 470 cm2 (80% of free space)

Use lubrication Castrol LONGTIME PD0 eller Castrol OPTITEMP TT1 or simular. See also paragraf §5.5 in catalogue  




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