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Demo program examples showing how to communicate with JVL motors (OCX ( 32-bit), Labview, Visual, Modbus, MacTalk)

Description Filename Size
Example where OCX (32-bit) is used in Excel spreadsheet to change mode and position in a MAC motor
PDF to how to use the OCX (32-bit)  in Excel How to make OCX-program in Excel.pdf 190Kb
Example in C++ where OCX (32-bit) is used together with MAC140
Graphic Test_Visual 22Kb
Example for LabView 6_1 28Kb
Example for LabView 7_0 35Kb
Example for Visual Basic Visual 6Kb
Example for Visual C++ 8Kb
Example for ModBus TCP & RTU in Labview 2013 ModbusExample.rar 40Kb
Connecting to JVL motor using LabView 2206Kb
Connecting to JVL motor using C# - DotNet
C# - DotNet 595Kb
Example for Modbus RTU on MISxx RS485
Modbus-help 206KB
All the above examples are for reference only. JVL can not garantee for their proper working.

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