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Dual Supply on the MAC and QuickStep Motors

The QuickStep and most of the MAC motor expansion modules offer a dual supply facility. This feature makes it possible to keep communication and position
data active while main power is removed eg. if an emergency occurs.
To keep the microprocessor and encoder circuit alive should a voltage typical 24VDC be connected to logic supply. See the table below.
Supply voltage
Logic supply or control voltage
Servo motor
MA050, MAC095
MAC140 and MAC142
Driver supply 12-48VDC
Self-powered generated from the driver supply.
Optional the control voltage 24VDC can be supplied for dual supply purposes on the expansion module.
Connect voltage between O+ or CV and P-
Stepper motor
QuickStep MIS23x
Driver supply 12-48VDC
24VDC for processor and IO supply.
Connect voltage between CVI and P-
Servo motor
mains supply 115 or 230VAC
24VDC for processor supply.
Connect voltage between P+ and P- on module.
On most of the expansion modules it is possible to have a single voltage supply eg. 48VDC where internal switch mode regulates the voltage down to required voltage. In single supply mode it will not be possible to have communication and encoder information while driver or mains supply voltage is shot off.
If it is possible to use a battery as supply to the control voltage and thereby have a system where position and data are valid even if the main power to the whole
machine is removed. This can be used as a kind of multiturn absolute encoder function. Because the power supply is based on switch mode technology the power consumption is very low. Typical 100mA and with a battery of 100AH this can hold voltage on a module for 40 days.
Please consult the user manual for the respective module to see if the dual supply are available and information about voltage range and power consumption.

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