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The Home of the Integrated Motor

Integrated Motor 1986
Integrated Motor 2009
As early as in 1986 JVL produced their first advanced motor controllers.
The JVL integrated motors has gained a high international reputation,
As early as in 1986 JVL produced their first advanced motor controllers. New developments came out from the advanced laboratory facilities in a steady stream and the company successfully increased its turnover. Besides stepper motor controllers the company began the production of a series of ac servo motor controllers with many until then unseen innovative features. It became however soon clear that the ultimate solution for a modern motion control system would be to integrate the encoder, controller and driver in the motor itself. The integrated ac servo motor, the MAC motor®, was invented. A product based on 20 years of experience that saved a lot of cabling, reduced installation costs and took up much less space than traditional separate motors and controllers.
As customers for this product of the 21st century have very widespread requirements to the communication and other facilities of their motors, the JVL integrated MAC motors were furthermore designed to utilize a unique modular principle where plug-in expansion modules determine several of both the basic and advanced features of the combination of motor and expansion module. Today 15 different modules are available allowing you to select type of connector, bus system required, and several other
parameters. Lately two wireless modules have been added allowing remote control of your entire system.
The integrated stepper motor, QuickStep, was added to the range of integrated motor a year ago. These successful integrated stepper motors are also adaptable to a very wide range of applications. With their high torque motors they are offered in two basic versions, each with possibilty for selection between a wide variety of connector configurations.
The JVL integrated motors has gained a high international reputation, and has been chosen by leading world companies due to their sophisticated and ingenious electronic design. They have proven their worth all over the world, from USA to Australia, and from all over Europe to the Far East. Our representatives all over the world are ready to help you with any questions you might have and to support you with any after sales service.
By selecting a JVL integrated servo or stepper motor for your motion control application you are sure to get the most modern, high quality product available — from the home of the integrated motors.




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