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Expansion Modules Signature Definitions

The signatures refer to the following characteristics for the  expansion module in question:
9 or 15 pin DSUB connectors with IP42 protection. DSUB is a low cost connector similar to what is used on parallel port or serial interface on a PC. Therefore it is in widespread use in the world and easy to mount, but wires need to be soldered in the external connector. It is not as robust as M12 or cables glands so it is often used in application where there is no demand for high protection and where the connector will not be affected by external force or vibrations.
Shielded cables up to 20m with IP67 protection. Very robust solution for industrial harsh applications where the motors can be exposed for liquids or dust. Disadvantage is that it is not a pluggable solution and therefore can be difficult to mount and make service on. We do not recommend this solution for new projects but suggest M12 connectors instead.
M12 connector with IP67 protection. Uses the world wide standard connector M12 with female and male 5 or 8 pin connectors. Module is equipped with 2-4 connectors. Very robust solution for industrial harsh application where the motors can be exposed for liquids or dust. There is rubber sealing’s around the module and screw which ensure an IP67 protection at the module. The M12 connectors have different purposes so that one connector is for power, one is for bus system and another is for local IO. Thereby a reliable, compact and easy to service system can be build up.
Position and parameters can be maintained under emergency stop. See more here
±10V for speed or torque control or 24V home switch. This input has a double function so it can be used for applications with analoque signals like speed or torque control with or without encoder output to external controller that close the loop. It can also be used for special functions where an external voltage control an absolute position so eg. 10V is equal to 1000 counts and -10V is equal to -1000 counts. Additional it can be used as a local 5- 24V input for homing signals from a sensor.
RS422 balanced inputs for puls/direction incremental signals or encoder output. These 5V balanced IO´s have multiple functions:
1: In analogue control the pins are used as encoder output so that an external controller can measure the position
2: In gear mode the pins are used for pulse/direction or quadrature input from an encoder. Eg. if the motor has to follow an encoder signal in a specified ratio.
3: Special extra serial communication interface. The protocol is special so it is only for special purposes. Please see manual for further information

2 of the inputs can be used as negative and positive limit switch inputs. In a linear mechanical system it is often required to have a mechanical end limit switch to avoid mechanical damage. 1 or 2 sensors can be connected and if active the motors will stop according to a defined deceleration and send an error message.
The white vertical line shows that there is galvanical isolation on the In- or Outputs. If it is shown for the I/O it means that both in- and outputs have opto couplers. The opto couplers ensures that noise or ground voltage problems do not inflict on the signal inside the motor and give faulty signals.

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