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MACREGIO: Expert Tool for Programmers

If you would like to learn more about the MacTalk protocol this is the software that you need. When you are using a PLC and would like to send commands to the integrated motor you need to send data in a special format called MacTalk protocol. MacTalk protocol is not ASCII but binary, message-oriented. This means that you can’t use a windows terminal editor to communicate with the motor but need to use MacTalk, MACREGIO or send byte commands.
In the MACREGIO can you see a complete overview with register and description for all MAC motors, QuickStep MIS23x and SMC75. By pressing "R” you can read register´s content and by pressing "W” you can write a value to a register. You can see register value and if a register is a Word, integer or Longint.
As an extra help for the programmer the byte send and received is shown byte for byte so it is easy to see what should be send and what to expect as returned. Thereby implementation and debugging is very easily done.



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