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Coloplast using JVL Control in test Set-up

Plastic components are endurance-tested in special test set-up
The Danish company Coloplast A/S manufactures a wide variety of clinical and hospital products. The company has recently constructed a special test set-up for testing product plastic components.

The test set-up moves the test objects so that they are subjected to the same forces and deformation that they experience under normal use. The test objects are simultaneously submerged in a liquid solution that exposes them to the chemical environments they also experience in practice.

Test objects are bent using linear motion produced by a servo motor that drives a spindle. The motor is controlled by an AC servo-controller AMC12B, for which JVL has also developed the required software.

The velocity of motion (rpm) and displacement (revolutions) can be adjusted as required using 2 potentiometers in a control box. Two photo-sensors provide safety end-of-travel limits, one of which also functions as a zero-point position.

The complete test set-up 
The set-up has been developed to test a specific component, but can also be adapted and used for many other types of component. JVL is pleased to have contributed to the solution of this application at Coloplast A/S.

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